A Good Idea

The best idea I’ve had is to write down some of my son’s interesting anecdotes.

You know that moment when your child does or says something cute and funny or really smart and you feel proud and happy and can’t stop laughing? A few weeks pass by and you still remember that feeling but for the life of you, you can’t remember what exactly it was that your child said.

After that happened a few times to me I decided I would start writing it down.

I wrote my son’s anecdotes in the form of a story. Then I thought “What would my son think of his own stories if I read them to him? He might find them dull if it was just text and no pictures. So why not include some pictures.” That’s when I started illustrating the stories. When I compiled them together and read them to him he wanted to hear them again and again. That got me thinking, “Other children his age would like them too, wouldn’t they?” I found a publisher on the internet and wrote to them. I sent them my work and that’s how I got it published. I didn’t want to wait for a traditional publisher who would take years to publish my work, if at all. By that time my son would be much older and the moment would be lost.

One good idea led to another. My publisher suggested I start a blog. I did. And here I am writing to you all about how it started.

My books and my blog have kept me busy. I have worked for more than 10 years in a telecom company and I am used to being busy. And now that my son is older and going to school I had some time to myself which I didn’t know how to utilize. And so my good idea solved my problem.

Most of my good ideas come to me when I’m lying in bed at night. Everything has been done for the day and my mind is free to think. That’s when some sort of brainwave pops in. And then I have trouble sleeping as I’m planning out all the details and I can’t execute them till the next morning. When I finally do go to sleep, the excitement I feel when I get up in the morning is unmatched.

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12 thoughts on “A Good Idea

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  2. That idea really proved out to be the best one for you. I would love to see where your work was published, please ? You have given others who want to save their memories, a direction too ! 🙂

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