Dragon’s Loyalty Award


A big thank you to tjbarkerseattle for nominating me for The Dragon’s Loyalty Award recently. It was a very pleasant surprise as I didn’t even know this award existed!

Here are the details of the award that were passed on to me:

The philosophy of the award is: ‘The Dragon’s Loyalty Award is an award for the loyal commenter, whether the recipient is a fellow blogger or just someone who follows and comments regularly.’

There are some rules that one must follow in order to fully accept the award and they are as follows:

1. Firstly, display the Award on your site (see Award page or sidebar!) You earned it and you deserve it!

2. Link back to the person who gave you the award in your acceptance post;

3. Nominate 15 well-deserving bloggers for the Award and let them know the wonderful news by sending them a message on their site;

4. List 7 interesting facts about yourself.

So here are my nominees:

  1. Lemon Lime Follies
  2. The Library Lady and Rosie Bear
  3. my guilty pleasures
  4. Flowers and Breezes
  5. Life Confusions
  6. crookedeyebrows
  7. Life is Great
  8. A Crazy Chef
  9. Love~K
  10. Life as it lives
  11. Mod with Love
  12. Peace be upon you!
  13. All Resource
  14. A Curious Gal
  15. Lindsay Cummings Writes

Congratulations to all of you and thank you for being so wonderful!

And here is something about me:

  • I self published two children’s books this year. Check them out at My Books
  • I’ve read my books to over 100 children aged 3-6 years at book readings.
  • I failed my Dubai driving test 4 times before passing on the 5th attempt.
  • I have traveled to 13 countries across the world.
  • I can speak a bit of French thanks to having worked in a French company.
  • I love crafting.
  • I like eating fruit and dessert more than other food.

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12 thoughts on “Dragon’s Loyalty Award

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  2. This is very first award of mine on blogging world. Thank you for nomination, I really appreciate it. Congratulation to you too. 🙂

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