As a mom of two children under 10 yrs, I have stopped using the word silent. Telling them to “be silent” is a lost cause and therefore a waste of breath.

My son who is 9 yrs old talks non stop. Most of his sentences end with “funny, isn’t it?” or “weird, isn’t it?” The good thing about this is that you can answer “Yes” and he will be satisfied till his next question. He even talks while playing his video games. It’s like a running commentary of what’s going on. I have yet to fathom why he feels the need to inform the world about the video game he’s playing. His other favourite questions begin with “Did you know” which are also easy to answer as I usually don’t know what he’s talking about.

My 2 yr old daughter is in close competition to my son. Although most of what she says is incomprehensible but still she loves to talk. I was a little worried that she is not talking in real sentences yet but most of my friends have assured me that I should enjoy this stage as much as possible. Once she starts talking properly, the questions will be non stop.

As for me I’m a quiet person. You can probably guess why!

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