Sibling moments

My son keeps asking me who I think is cuter; him or his little sister. I always reply that both are cute but this is not the answer he’s looking for and the question keeps popping up.

Sometimes he says “Now you love me less because you have to love Zoya too :(” I tell him I love him even more now. Before he was only my son and I loved him in that role but now I see him as an older brother and a friend to his sister so I love him even more. And then he says “Really?” and looks very happy and that just makes my day 🙂

Of course they have their moments when he finds her “the most annoying person ever”. This is usually when he’s trying to do something (on his iPad) and she’s trying to catch his attention by pulling his hair. A few minutes later all is well and he’s proclaiming her to be the cutest baby ever and cuddling her no end.