Weekly Photo Challenge : Gathering


I have made some lovely friends from among the moms of my son’s classfellows since we moved to Bahrain. We recently had a get together and I decided it would be nice if I make something for them to take along. So I came up with these felt flower brooches. I loved it that they all wore them and had a photo taken.



Weekly Photo Challenge : Oops

4 years ago we made our first short trip out of Dubai with our son. As we checked into the hotel and I whipped out my camera to record yet another cute expression on his face, my son decided enough was enough. He hid his face in the pillows so I would not take his picture. I still did. (Why do kids think that if they can’t see you, you can’t see them either??)


Fast forward 4 years and now he’s getting into photos he’s not supposed to!



Never too late

This year I thought to myself, I can’t go through life without knowing how to play a musical instrument. We live near the Country Club where they have piano lessons so I decided to learn to play the piano.

Now I’ve never really had much of a musical sense, as a child I could never do well in the school musicals and I would struggle to play a tune on a keyboard. I remember we used to have music class in school and during a test we were having when I was unable to sing to the beat of the harmonium I asked my teacher to play to my tempo!

So I knew it would be a challenge to learn the piano but I was up for it. My teacher started with the basics until I could read all the notes. Then she gave me different exercises to do and more advanced pieces to play. I found that the more I practised, I could sharpen my skills and know when a note played was wrong and correct it. I still make lots of mistakes but I think I have really progressed over the last months. I used to find it very difficult but now I rather enjoy playing.

I have bought a piano and I practise every day. More importantly I’ve learnt that it’s never too late to learn a new skill.