Weekly Photo Challenge : Treat


When most of the world is bracing for a long harsh winter, this is when we, in Bahrain, can look forward to spending more time outdoors. As the temperature finally starts dropping the flowers start blooming and the BBQ grills come out.

For me it’s a treat when I can look out of the window in the morning to find that a new beautiful flower has bloomed in my garden.


Most prized posession


My mother was only 19 when she got married back in 1954. As part of her truseau she painted a ceramic vase with a picture of a woman with a sitar she saw in a book of poems by Omar Khayyam.

Over the next 20 years this vase travelled with her all over the country as she lived in various cities and towns as an army wife. Fast forward another 25 years and when I, her youngest daughter bought my own house with my husband it was passed on to me. Since then it has travelled from Pakistan to UAE to Bahrain where it now proudly sits as my most prized posession.


Patterns in my hair

I think it’s time I should dye my hair.

Yesterday Nadir and I were talking about patterns and he said “Mama there’s a pattern in your hair… black, white, black, white…”

Hmmph little smart ass! I know I have a few white hairs but surely not as many as I have black? He could have said “black, black, black, white…”

Anyway this is bound to happen. As I rejoice in my son growing up, learning new skills and becoming cleverer, I also have to embrace the fact that I am getting older. Hopefully I am also getting wiser. So that a few white hairs and a few wrinkles will not worry me but will remind me of the beautiful experiences I had and the love I shared and cherished.