Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

As I was trying to sort out my son’s toys, he took the opportunity to get in between the shelves. We ourselves are in between shifting from one country to another with my husband already starting his new job in Bahrain, while we stay behind in Dubai until our visas are sorted. We still don’t know when we will actually move and sometimes with the uncertainty I would like a hiding place too.

Friday Fictioneers: God’s Will

old-wallpaper-mary-shipmanThe 2005 earthquake in Kashmir, Pakistan wiped away hundreds of villages and killed thousands.

Many children were attending school that fateful morning when the earth shook and the walls caved in on them. On the 4th day there was little hope left for any survivors, but miraculously a group of children were rescued unharmed from the debris of their school. When asked by the rescue workers how they had survived, they answered that their teacher had been bringing water for them.

The rescue workers looked at each other. They had pulled out the body of the school teacher on the first day.


Home-made Dragon Costume

So it’s that time again when it’s the end of the academic year and there’s going to be an end of year party. The children can come in their party clothes or as their favorite character.

“So Nadir what do you want to be on your party?”

“A dragon! A big flying dragon! Breathing fire!”

Hmm. OK. Maybe I should not have asked that question. Well anyway it’s too late now. A dragon it will be.

I rushed to the store to pick up some materials and I got to work. By night the basic costume was ready to be tried on.

The next morning while Nadir was at school I made the adjustments and the final touches. And when he got back he could try it on and be a DRAGON. (I couldn’t get him to fly though).

Here’s the result:

The costume is made of felt and he’s wearing recycled 3D glasses.

A Child’s thoughts on Father’s Day

20130221_185244_1Since my husband is in Bahrain this week (our week starts from Sunday) we decided to celebrate Father’s Day on Saturday. I wrote a short poem for my 4 year old son to sing to his Dad for the occasion, but my son had already made his own song which was another version of the “Bumblebee song” he sings in nursery. This is how his song went:

Father’s Day, Father’s Day,

Landing on my street,

Father’s Day, Father’s Day,

Now he’s in Bahrain.

In Saudi, in hotel, in Dubai,

Father’s Day Father’s Day,

He lands and then he goes.

This song is far better than what I wrote and gives some insight into the mind of a child. I knew that the frequent travelling that my husband does and that he has been in Saudi for two years commuting over the weekends to Dubai must be having his toll on our young son but this is the first time he actually expressed it.

Children cannot understand that their fathers are working hard for them, they need their physical presence. They need to engage with them. My son was playing football with his dad on the weekend and he was so happy with the time he got with his dad that he kept telling him in between goals that he loves him.

For my husband it is so hard to be travelling all the time and when he comes home tired, to have to make an effort to engage with his son who has been eagerly waiting for him. More often than not they just end up “wrestling” on the sofa because my husband is mentally too tired to have a conversation with him and physically too tired to run around with him.

We are in transition of moving to Bahrain and now after 2 years of commuting we will be together like a normal family. My son will see his Dad every day and it will be normal for him to have him around. For now, my husband has already joined his new job in Bahrain and we are waiting for visas. Hopefully everything will work out and we will settle down soon. Till then the situation will remain:

He lands and then he goes.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

While taking a night shot of the Blue Mosque from my hotel room terrace in Istanbul, I got something extra in the form of seagulls flying over this famous landmark. Later I read that seagulls are attracted to illuminated objects to make snacks out of the large number of moths that congregate over the bright lights.