Art & Craft

Here is something I do in my spare time (besides blogging)…

DIY costume (Face, claws and tail made of felt, WOLF embroidered on shirt)

Fabric painting

Felt flowers

Cloth napkins spruced up with felt



Felt coaster


Crepe flowers

Wall decoration with crepe flowers

Wall decoration with crepe flowers



22 thoughts on “Art & Craft

  1. 🙂 i also left my job 2 months back , and now i am going to an Art school for learning the basic skills of ART AND CRAFT, i am in love with arts. Your work is really good , especially the shopper bag is beautiful.

  2. Masha’Allah, I like your blog and your fun costumes. The wall hanging with the Names of Allah is also very nice work! Especially if you don’t understand Arabic, insha’Allah you will receive a double blessing for this effort. I married an Egyptian man and alhamdulillah now I live in Egypt and trying very hard to learn arabic. I look forward to your posts now that I’m following you… if you’d like to read one of my poems, here’s one called, Oh Cairo

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