Weekly Photo Challenge : Transition

My son has just turned 6 and there are so many little things that make me aware of the transition. His ankles beginning to show in his favourite jeans, the fact that he designed his own costume for his birthday party, that he’s jumped several levels in his reading since last year and that he’s becoming more and more opinionated.



Morning cuddles

The first person I encounter almost every morning is my son Nadir who has sneaked into my bed in the middle of the night and sandwiched himself between me and my husband.

I was hoping that he would grow out of this habit by his 6th birthday but that milestone was crossed 2 days ago and there he is still.

What I fail to understand is how his internal clock wakes him up on the weekends at 6am but fails to do that on school days. So today (we have a Friday/Saturday weekend) I woke up to a grinning Nadir next to me whose wriggling ensured that I would have no more to do with sleep.

Often when I am telling him how to do something he says “You think I don’t know anything!” But when I point out that he should sleep in his bed the whole night he says he is not old enough to do it. I guess you can never argue with a child’s logic.

My friends tell me I should enjoy the closeness because once children get older they feel embarrassed even to be cuddled and that when he grows out of it I will miss him sneaking into my bed.

Till then I will be hanging on the edge of the bed trying desperately to sleep a few more minutes.


A day at Wimbledon

1st July 2015. That was the day my dream came true.

I have loved and followed tennis for as long as I can remember and only recently started playing it as well. It has always been my dream to go and watch a match at Wimbledon.

I had so far done nothing to achieve this dream and when we booked our vacation to the UK, I had no idea what would become the focal point of our short trip. When I read in the paper that the tournament was scheduled at the same time we would be there I told myself that I had to make it somehow. Now everyone knows how difficult it is to get good tickets last minute and I felt my dream slip away. But then my coach who I had recently started playing with told me that he could allocate Center Court tickets for me. Yes Center Court.

And so on 1st July 2015 I found myself riding the official transport for the Championships and watching both No 1 seeds in action on Center Court.

If I could I would relive that day. A couple of times. At least.




Weekly Photo Challenge : Victory


As a parent you realize that you are your child’s greatest cheerleader. The pride and joy you feel at your child’s success surpasses the elation at any of your own victories.

And this is how I felt when I came to watch Nadir perform as the lead character in his school play. Apparently it was not a big deal for him as he had not even rehearsed his lines in front of me. In fact I had thought that it would just be a performance of a few songs and the teacher had also wanted to surprise me. But the way my little boy performed, I thought my heart would jump out and fall into my lap.

This was a couple of years back and since then Nadir has given me ample opportunities to be proud of him. However this occasion will always remain as a special moment in my heart.