The (Un)necessary

This is my first post from my new home in Bahrain. We moved on the weekend so that my son could start school on Sunday. (Over here we have a  Friday/Saturday weekend). My son’s school is less than 5 minutes away by car which is really convenient for me especially because I am still finding my way around.

Our main shipment has not arrived yet and all we have is our beds, pots and pans and a plastic set of table and chairs. We can actually function with just these things and that gets me to think why do we have to pile up so many unnecessary things. We don’t even have a TV and nobody is missing it. My son has not asked even once about it. (He does keep asking when the new car will arrive though!)


Of course we couldn’t function without the Internet so while the DSL broadband company was taking long to provide home services, we installed a Wifi Dongle with my laptop. So I’m online now and working on the same plastic table and chair that I ate dinner on.

When I went to my son’s school today with him for his orientation I had to complete some forms and they asked me for an emergency contact number if the parents could not be contacted. I couldn’t give them any because for the first time we have no close family here and it’s too early to make friends. I hope that we do make friends soon to make up for the absence of family. I am looking forward to it.

Chores no more

Congrats — you’ve been handed a robot whose sole job is to relieve you of one chore, job, or responsibility you particularly hate. What is it?

In fact I have a brilliant person in my life who has relieved me of a lot of chores that I hate, cleaning, washing, ironing. Her name is Rubie and she’s the 4th member of our family. I can leave my son with her and know that she’ll treat him like her own. Here are Rubie and my son “protesting” for more holidays.

Thanks to her I get time to pursue my hobbies of writing, crafting and photography. I can go out on the weekends on a movie date with my husband knowing that my son is in safe hands.

Goodbye, Dubai!

It’s my last night in Dubai. Tomorrow I fly to Bahrain to start a new chapter of my life. Dubai was exciting, magical, awe-inspiring, entertaining and hot (temperature-wise).

My son was only 8 months old when we arrived here. His got his first tooth here, he took his first steps, he spoke his first sentences, he drew his first drawing, he joined nursery, he learned to make friends, he was the main character in a school play, he shot a commercial and got his first pay check. That’s pretty much a lot for a tiny tot who’s not yet 5!

Dubai gave us a chance to live life to the fullest without any fears. It gave me a chance to make friends with people of other nationalities and to understand other cultures. It gave me a chance to discover new hobbies and have time for them. It gave me the chance to play host to my aged mother. For this I will be forever grateful.

P.S It also gave me the chance to own a few designer shoes and handbags, for which I am also very grateful!

Friday Fictioneers: The Beanstalk & a Principled Mother

parkedWhen Jack woke up, a beanstalk had sprouted next to his window. Jack felt queasy just looking at it reaching the sky. He was afraid of heights. “We’ll climb up together!” declared his younger sister Jill, who always had adventure on her mind.

At the top, was a castle with a large table on which sat a golden harp. It played the sweetest music ever. “Mom has taught us never to steal, but wouldn’t she be happy to see this harp?” said Jack.

So they climbed down with the harp. When their mother saw it, she made them climb back and return it.

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