10 Signs That Your Son Is Growing Up

Signs that your son is growing up:

  1. He asks to have a disco night instead of sleeping.
  2. He doesn’t want to go to nursery any more because he thinks it’s for babies.
  3. He refuses to watch some TV channels because they’re for babies.
  4. If you put a movie for him he also demands popcorn.
  5. He’s figured out that Barney is not real.
  6. He’s started choosing his own clothes and prefers to wear colors like dark blue, grey and black.
  7. He asks a girl in his class to do “lips to lips”. (????????)
  8. His favorite car is BMW.
  9. He asks to have his picture taken.
  10. He has a smart-ass answer for everything.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story

On my recent trip to Islamabad, Pakistan after an absence of nearly 4 years, I noticed a lot of police presence in public areas. It did in fact make me a bit nervous and it’s no wonder. In the one week I was there a bomb exploded in a fruit market killing more than 20 people.

Not only that but I also noticed that the people seem to be more “Islamized”. Here I captured a police van in a public park. The gentlemen in the foreground seem to be perfectly at ease so I’m assuming they were just there to enjoy the weather.P1010804_1

Thank you!

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I take this opportunity to thank all those who read my blog and comment on my posts. As you may have noticed I always like to keep it short and meaningful and I thrive on the words of appreciation and encouragement I receive.

It’s been a slow couple of months on my blog since I started part time work (freelance writing) and I really admire those who manage to find time for their blog with full time jobs. It’s no easy task.

I’m happy to report that my son is now quite accustomed to my typing away on my laptop. I overheard him telling his Dad not to disturb me since I was “working” upstairs. He’s only 4 and he already realizes that Mom is not just a mother but needs to have her own space sometimes. My heart swells with happiness and pride whenever I look at him.

And so we continue this journey of “blogging” together. I hope to hear from you whenever you get time to visit. Thank you once again.

Friday Fictioneers: Closed Minds

As he felt himself fall, several scenes flashed before him; his days of residency in the U.S., night duties, struggles, his three sons and his wife, his appointment letter as a Professor of Cardiology, his return to his homeland for voluntary service at the local hospital and then that flash of the gun.

A voice spoke to him in his head, “You came to open their hearts, but you couldn’t open their minds.”

Now he stood near an archway and he faced the light and as far as he could see there was beauty and tranquillity.

A U.S. cardiologist was shot dead in a targeted killing in Pakistan on 26th May, 2014. He belonged to a minority sect that has long been persecuted in the country.

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Things I have done exactly once in my life

  1. Had a baby. Would love to have another one.DSCN3726

  2. Tried to ice skate thinking it would not be too different from roller skating. Dead wrong. Never tried again.
  3. Gone on a vegetarian diet. Too depressing. Thankfully never had to do it again.
  4. Ridden an elephant in Thailand. Would definitely do it again.Khao Sok - Elephant trek start (2003.10.25)
  5. Missed a train. Am normally too punctual and organized to do that, but have managed it once from Paris to Lannion.
  6. Got married. Too much hassle doing this again. Will stick to the one I got.
  7. Gone on a coast to coast trip to the US. I don’t know how I did this, my husband and I didn’t have much money back then, just the will to explore.
  8. Stood in the Colosseum in Rome and thought about the movie “Gladiator”.P1000352
  9. Watched snow fall. We don’t get snow in the city where I’ve spent most of my life but I’ve seen my one and only snowfall in the mountains of Pakistan.
  10. Watched a football match live. This was in France and there was this match going on where I was staying. My country is mad about cricket so I doubt if I’ll ever watch a football match again.


Friday Fictioneers: Whose Side Are You On?

copyright-erin-leary-2“How can you sit on the fence and not say anything?” Hina’s voice shook with anger as she faced her mother. “I deserve to go to university, I worked hard for it!”

Zahida continued with her embroidery not looking up at her distraught daughter.

“I will not marry that man, I want to study. I don’t even like him; I don’t like his face, why can’t Abba understand that?”

As her daughter stomped out of the room, Zahida put down her embroidery and wiped away a tear. History was repeating itself and she had not the strength to stop it.

(100 words)

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