Sisterhood Award


A big thank you to Catherine over at Recovery Ramblins Blog Of ~ Author Catherine Lyon for nominating me for the Sisterhood Award. Do visit her blog to read about her amazing and inspirational story.

The rules forwarded to me are as follows:

1-Provide a link and thank the person who nominated you.

2-Answer 10 questions.

3-Provide links to these nominated blogs and kindly let the recipient know they have been nominated.

The ten questions and their answers are:

1-Favorite Color: Red

2-Your favorite animal: Rabbit

3-Your favorite non- alcoholic drink: Black tea with milk

4-Your favorite pattern: Anything with lines and symmetry

5-Do you prefer giving or receiving presents: Both

6-Your favorite number: ??? None

7-Your favorite day of the month: Friday, it’s movie date day!

8-Your favorite flower: Rose

9-What is your passion: Being a mother

10-Facebook or Twitter- Facebook

And now for the nominees…

  1. helen midgley
  2. Compass & Quill
  3. Tales from the Motherland
  4. hugmamma’s MIND, BODY and SOUL
  5. pardenme

Congratulations and thank you for being so wonderful!

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11 thoughts on “Sisterhood Award

  1. Thank you so much; I’m honored. Sorry for the delay, but my computer was down for a week and I was traveling. Hard to keep up on a cell phone! Congrats on being awarded this, yourself. Your writing is very poignant and approachable.

      • Of course! So very sorry!! I am a bit oxygen depleted today (severe asthma) and honestly thought I had. Of course both of us can see each other’s posts, but the point is to direct traffic your way, as thanks for you honoring me. I appreciate your generosity, and I’m sorry I left out that link. I’ve just fixed it, so everyone can see it! Traffic is high on this post, so hopefully folks head over to your lovely blog. I’ve enjoyed several of your posts! 😀

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