Baby Sensory book

I just finished this sensory book for my 3-month old daughter. Instead of putting random shapes and textures I included symbols for family, nature, travel, sport, music, food and fashion. The pages are of felt with cardboard inside and I’ve used thread embroidery, ribbon embroidery, spangles, foam, beads, pom poms and more to make the pictures. The porthole (symbol for travel) is soft and squishy (I used hair gel) and the African drum (symbol for music) makes a sound when tapped (I hollowed out the cardboard under it).


Little Companion

I have a little companion who goes with me wherever I go. I haven’t met her yet but I can feel her all the time. She is the blessing that I could not have even dared to hope for. She is the glow I carry on my face and the love I already have in my heart. She takes everything from me yet still makes me stronger. She makes me excited about the future and nervous at the same time. She is my little miracle.

Reaching for the stars

I love recycling and I think I’m very creative doing it.

Recently I got some old tennis balls from the academy I play in and made giveaways for a Valentine’s day tournament. I cut off the top of each ball and filled it with toffees and finished off with some hearts printed plastic, ribbon and the logo of the academy. I made a basket out of an old shoebox to carry them in.



So of course I didn’t throw away the tops of the balls I had cut off. I got an old box (from one of my son’s craft projects) and some foam and came up with this:


I call it “Reaching for the stars”.

Never too late

This year I thought to myself, I can’t go through life without knowing how to play a musical instrument. We live near the Country Club where they have piano lessons so I decided to learn to play the piano.

Now I’ve never really had much of a musical sense, as a child I could never do well in the school musicals and I would struggle to play a tune on a keyboard. I remember we used to have music class in school and during a test we were having when I was unable to sing to the beat of the harmonium I asked my teacher to play to my tempo!

So I knew it would be a challenge to learn the piano but I was up for it. My teacher started with the basics until I could read all the notes. Then she gave me different exercises to do and more advanced pieces to play. I found that the more I practised, I could sharpen my skills and know when a note played was wrong and correct it. I still make lots of mistakes but I think I have really progressed over the last months. I used to find it very difficult but now I rather enjoy playing.

I have bought a piano and I practise every day. More importantly I’ve learnt that it’s never too late to learn a new skill.

Morning cuddles

The first person I encounter almost every morning is my son Nadir who has sneaked into my bed in the middle of the night and sandwiched himself between me and my husband.

I was hoping that he would grow out of this habit by his 6th birthday but that milestone was crossed 2 days ago and there he is still.

What I fail to understand is how his internal clock wakes him up on the weekends at 6am but fails to do that on school days. So today (we have a Friday/Saturday weekend) I woke up to a grinning Nadir next to me whose wriggling ensured that I would have no more to do with sleep.

Often when I am telling him how to do something he says “You think I don’t know anything!” But when I point out that he should sleep in his bed the whole night he says he is not old enough to do it. I guess you can never argue with a child’s logic.

My friends tell me I should enjoy the closeness because once children get older they feel embarrassed even to be cuddled and that when he grows out of it I will miss him sneaking into my bed.

Till then I will be hanging on the edge of the bed trying desperately to sleep a few more minutes.

A day at Wimbledon

1st July 2015. That was the day my dream came true.

I have loved and followed tennis for as long as I can remember and only recently started playing it as well. It has always been my dream to go and watch a match at Wimbledon.

I had so far done nothing to achieve this dream and when we booked our vacation to the UK, I had no idea what would become the focal point of our short trip. When I read in the paper that the tournament was scheduled at the same time we would be there I told myself that I had to make it somehow. Now everyone knows how difficult it is to get good tickets last minute and I felt my dream slip away. But then my coach who I had recently started playing with told me that he could allocate Center Court tickets for me. Yes Center Court.

And so on 1st July 2015 I found myself riding the official transport for the Championships and watching both No 1 seeds in action on Center Court.

If I could I would relive that day. A couple of times. At least.



Most prized posession


My mother was only 19 when she got married back in 1954. As part of her truseau she painted a ceramic vase with a picture of a woman with a sitar she saw in a book of poems by Omar Khayyam.

Over the next 20 years this vase travelled with her all over the country as she lived in various cities and towns as an army wife. Fast forward another 25 years and when I, her youngest daughter bought my own house with my husband it was passed on to me. Since then it has travelled from Pakistan to UAE to Bahrain where it now proudly sits as my most prized posession.

Six going on Sixteen

I don’t remember what I was like at sixteen, it was too long ago. However my son who turns 6 in November seems to be “going on 16, waiting for life to start!”

He told me today that when he grows up, his children will call me Daadi (which means paternal grandmother in my language). Seems like he’s already got his eye on the future.

I also heard him singing “Babeyyy! I want to marry youuuuu!” However he refused to disclose who this song was for.

He was showing off his new shoes at the restaurant we went to for lunch and when the waitress asked whether his Mom had bought them or his Dad, he replied that he had bought them with his own money. I explained that having done a commercial and getting paid for it and also having had his shop in a trade event he did, indeed, have his own money. The shoes had been his own choice and he had insisted that I buy them, maybe it made him feel good thinking that he had bought them with his own money.

And here is the dude himself…


We’re a family of three, live with it!

I suppose it’s very natural that when a couple has been blessed with at least one son and and one daughter, they find it their divine right to advise me to have another child and fast.

“Your son needs a sister!”

“Aren’t you planning to have another child?”

“Isn’t the gap quite big already, you need to plan your next child!”

This apparently is not a cultural phenomena but a universal one and as an expat living in the Middle East I get the same advice from everyone whether they are from Venezuela or from Pakistan.

Of course I must be absolutely miserable that I haven’t been able to produce another offspring in the last 5 and a half years. I must miss terribly keeping awake at night, changing pampers, potty training and toddler tantrums. What’s not to miss about having your hands in baby poo in the middle of the night? Or trying to shop for groceries with a screaming toddler in tow.

Yes, how unhappy I must be now that I have time for myself to pursue creative and healthy avenues like learning the piano or how to play tennis. That my son has lots of friends to play with and I keep him entertained and busy all the time.P1020225

Dear Family of Four/Five, Yes it would have been lovely if my son could have had a sister but it didn’t happen and I’m sorry if I don’t want to make myself miserable about it. In fact I am very happy with my situation. My little boy is perfect and smart and handsome and I’m truly blessed to have him. And no I don’t want do IUF/IVF or whatever else is out there as there was no reason for me not to get pregnant without it. So if God decided that I should have only one child, who am I to argue against that?

So next time you want to comment on why I have only one child, DON’T!

We’re a family of three, live with it!

Quality, not Quantity

What question do you hate to be asked? Why?

Whenever I meet someone new and I tell them that I have one son who is 5 years old, they will almost always respond with

“Shouldn’t you be thinking of another one?”,

“You’ve waited too long for your second!”

“When will you have the second?”.

Please, people, children are not found in supermarkets that you just go out and get one. Anyway who made you in charge of how many children I should or should not be having. Maybe I’m just happy with one. And why do I have to explain why I haven’t had another one so far?

I didn’t get Nadir till 6 years of my marriage. During those years I would often be having a conversation like this:

“How many children do you have?”

“None, as yet.”

“Really, how long have you been married?”

“A few years.”

“Are you getting treatment?”

Come on, can’t you just mind your own business!!

Unfortunately in many cultures, a married woman’s success is measured in how many children she produces. Shouldn’t we be looking at what the woman contributes to society as a whole, not just by the number of offspring. And if she has children, then we should measure her success by how well she manages to raise them not by how many she produces.

I for one, believe in quality, not quantity.