My Year in Review

As the year comes to a close I’d like to take a look at some of my accomplishments and letdowns.

I wrote, illustrated and published two children’s books. These books are based on my son Nadir’s adventures and are for children aged 3 to 6 years. I did a few book readings including one at my son’s school where I read my books to more than 100 children. I was also hoping to do a reading in a children’s hospital but was not able to mostly because of lack of effort on my own part. I hope to rectify this next year.

followsI started my blog at the end of July and 200+ posts later I’m quite happy with my progress. Some posts I am very proud of even if they did not get the response I had hoped, some not so much. The key to writing I am told is consistency and that definitely was there. I was nominated for several awards but am still longing for being “Freshly Pressed”.

My son turned 4 this year and by the Grace of God he has grown into quite a personality! His confidence, wit and humor never cease to amaze me. He has been my inspiration in my writing and creativity. On the other hand, as a mother what worries me are his picky eating habits and although he has made some progress this year, there is still a lot of work to be done.

My husband and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary this year. Time sure has flown by and I am looking forward to more good times.

This entire year my husband has been working in another country and commuting on weekends. This was tough but manageable. However where we didn’t notice any negative affects on my son for most of the year, I think the absence of his Dad is finally taking its toll. We are hoping that by early next year my husband will find another position/ job and we can settle down together.

In terms of travel I made two international trips to Turkey and Oman and two national trips to Fujairah and Ras al-Khaimah, emirates in the UAE. All of these were short trips for leisure and each one was special.

Overall it was a good year for me and my family and I hope the momentum will continue next year with more good things to come.

And to all my readers, best wishes for a great New Year!

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