My First Book Reading

My knees begin to tremble, my hands shake, my throat is dry and my voice is no more than a whisper.

I’ve been asked to speak in front of a group of people.

That is why I avoid public speaking. I tried to volunteer in college for many activities to get over my fear and build my confidence but each attempt was a disaster. I can go on stage and show off my clothes (as in a fashion show) but if you ask me to speak, I’m a complete failure.

And here I was talking to this lady about having a book reading at her place (she has many activities for children including mini-golf and coffee for the adults). She agreed and we set a date.

As I prepared for the book reading (made my props and practiced reading with them) I thought to myself “What have I got myself into? I’ve never done a book reading before and I’m not sure even sure what it’s supposed to be like. Who am I kidding?”

As I got closer to the date I thought I should have just hired someone to do it or even better got someone for free to read the books for me like my sister who is just great at public speaking. I even suggested this to her but she refused and told me to stop thinking that way.

The evening before a couple of people excused themselves telling me they couldn’t make it. OK no problem, we still have quite a few people coming with their kids. By the morning of the event I didn’t know if anyone was coming. What a disaster. I’ve been preparing for a month and nobody is going to turn up!

In the end we had a few people who came with their kids to listen to the book reading, not quite the number we had been hoping for, but at least enough to put on a show. Now let’s hope the knees keep up and the shaking hands are not visible to everyone.

I was still a bit nervous when I started but then something happened. I connected with the kids. They were listening and answering my questions. My nervousness disappeared.  I didn’t even mind that the parents were also sitting with their children because they were listening too. My props were a hit. At the end I read a few of my poems as well.

And then all the children came to talk to me and buy my books. It felt just great.

After my first book reading I did another one, this time at my son’s school. I read to over 100 children in 5 sessions over 2 days and I didn’t feel nervous at all. Now I know I can do it. I can speak in public, at least to children.

Book reading

Book reading (Part 2)

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A Good Idea

The best idea I’ve had is to write down some of my son’s interesting anecdotes.

You know that moment when your child does or says something cute and funny or really smart and you feel proud and happy and can’t stop laughing? A few weeks pass by and you still remember that feeling but for the life of you, you can’t remember what exactly it was that your child said.

After that happened a few times to me I decided I would start writing it down.

I wrote my son’s anecdotes in the form of a story. Then I thought “What would my son think of his own stories if I read them to him? He might find them dull if it was just text and no pictures. So why not include some pictures.” That’s when I started illustrating the stories. When I compiled them together and read them to him he wanted to hear them again and again. That got me thinking, “Other children his age would like them too, wouldn’t they?” I found a publisher on the internet and wrote to them. I sent them my work and that’s how I got it published. I didn’t want to wait for a traditional publisher who would take years to publish my work, if at all. By that time my son would be much older and the moment would be lost.

One good idea led to another. My publisher suggested I start a blog. I did. And here I am writing to you all about how it started.

My books and my blog have kept me busy. I have worked for more than 10 years in a telecom company and I am used to being busy. And now that my son is older and going to school I had some time to myself which I didn’t know how to utilize. And so my good idea solved my problem.

Most of my good ideas come to me when I’m lying in bed at night. Everything has been done for the day and my mind is free to think. That’s when some sort of brainwave pops in. And then I have trouble sleeping as I’m planning out all the details and I can’t execute them till the next morning. When I finally do go to sleep, the excitement I feel when I get up in the morning is unmatched.

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Book Reading

I have a book reading coming up at the end of the month for kids aged 3-6 yrs. I’ve prepared some props and giveaways to go with my books “Nadir and the snake” and “Nadir and Incy Wincy Spider”. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

I hope the kids enjoy the reading as much as I’m enjoying preparing for it!

Any tips on a book reading?

I’m having my first book reading at the end of the month. I’ll be reading out the two children’s books I’ve written and animating with finger puppets and props. The location is a nice little place here in Dubai with activities for children.

 I’ve designed the flyer and am in the process of printing it out. I have to do 50 flyers for the lady whose place I’m having the book reading plus more for people I’ll be inviting. I hope my printer doesn’t break down.

It’s good that my son’s nursery has started so I have some time in the mornings. Once I’m ready I’m going to do a dress rehearsal with him and my nephews to see what they think.

 I’m really excited and a bit nervous too. What if nobody turns up, worse what if too many kids turn up and it’s so noisy that no one can hear me. I’ve given my number on my flyer to have people confirm their places. So I hope we will know exactly how many are coming a few days before the event.


So after the book reading there will be a book signing of course provided someone wants to buy my book. That all depends on how the book reading goes. I’ve already practiced signing the book on some of the copies I’ve sold/ given out.

I haven’t mentioned what my books are about. They’re about my son and his adventures. I’ve done the illustrations myself as well. I hope he’ll be proud of his Mama when he’s older and can understand!

Your tips on my upcoming book reading are most welcome. Would love to hear from you!