Traffic Violations

I lived for 4 years in Dubai and drove for 3 and never once got a ticket for a traffic violation. That is pretty incredible considering the speeds at which people drive in Dubai. When you have a smooth as silk six-lane highway people tend to get carried away. They also end up paying huge fines for overspeeding but somehow this doesn’t deter them. Maybe they have an allowance in their budget for traffic fines.

As a mom you also happen to be the designated driver for the kids. School pick and drop, play dates, trips to the mall and the doctor all fall under the responsibility of the mother. In other words moms drive a lot. Driving with the kids means you have to be extra careful not to break any rules and watch out for maniacs on the road.

The only time I got a ticket in my 8 years in the Middle East was for a parking violation. I parked in a lane where several other cars were parked as well and went into my favourite stationery shop. This shop is supposed to be for stationery but has every kind of knick knack that a crafter like me could yearn for. Obviously I took my own sweet time there. When I came out I saw I had got a ticket. I never parked in that lane again.

When I visited my home country I realized how crazy the driving is. There seem to be no laws neither implemented nor followed. I don’t know how I had been driving there before and I hope I don’t have to again.

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