Weekly Photo Challenge: Smile

I can’t help smiling watching my darling baby girl up to her antics. Here she’s indicating a sixer or six runs as an umpire does in a game of cricket. I can’t wait for her to grow up and play some cricket herself!



Better than ice cream

What is it about babies that makes them oozing with cuteness and you just want to hold them and eat them up because they look yummier than an ice cream cone? And that sweet look they give you that makes your heart melt and when they fall asleep (finally) their peaceful little faces are enough to recharge your batteries (a nap helps also!). And even strangers will smile at you and the baby when they walk past the stroller. Some may even stop to talk to the baby especially if you’re in a restaurant.

The fact is that babies are oozing with cuteness that acts like a magnet for anyone around them. They’re just irresistible and they know it too.


Sibling love

When I was pregnant with my daughter I was a bit apprehensive about how my son would respond to her. He had been an only child for 7 years, would he be jealous that somebody would come and share his space? How would he react to her taking up so much of my time and me not being available for him as much as I used to. Would the age difference come in the way of them being playmates when she’s older?

She’s 9 months now and I think I was worried for nothing. My son absolutely dotes on his sister. He says that she’s the cutest baby in the universe and he’s the luckiest brother. Every time we want him to get off the iPad we tell him to play with his baby sister. My daughter seems destined not to be a girly girl. She loves playing with her brother’s toys even the creepy ones.

I guess I have nothing to worry about and can look forward to seeing this brother-sister relationship blossom in the future.

Mom and Quilling

I think it’s really important for me as a mom to have some sort of hobby. Having a hobby gives me a sense of accomplishment and makes me feel good about myself. That positivity in turn rubs off on my children when I spend time with them.

I’ve always loved to do different types of artwork. Not only do i get the sense of accomplishment but I also have a beautiful piece to look at and feel happy about. Lately I’ve discovered quilling which is the art of rolling paper.

Having got some practice I tried to do something more complex.

The kit is very inexpensive so you don’t have to worry about that.

Then I turned to making earrings which are a lot of fun to design and make. And the bonus is that you get to wear them!

There are a lot of YouTube tutorials which I watched to learn how to do this. I’m having so much fun!

Sleep Tag

It’s 6:24am on a Friday morning (our weekend is Friday/Saturday), my 7 year old son is sleeping in his own bed in his room on his own, my 5 month old baby girl is asleep in her cot and hubby is snoring in my ear. I feel so accomplished I can’t even sleep 🙂

For those of you who may not understand why I’m as giddy as a school girl right now, let me tell you that I spent my entire pregnancy trying not to fall off the bed while sleeping on my left side with a pillow sandwiched between my belly and my 7 year old’s knees. Halfway through my pregnancy I had even stopped trying to get him to sleep in his own room because he was going to sneak in anyway in the middle of the night. I was certainly not going to be dragging him back to his bed in between running to the toilet every few hours.

My husband who during the pregnancy was somewhere on the other side of the bed (I could tell from the distant snoring) started sleeping in my son’s room after the baby was born. At this time I had the whole big bed to myself which felt kind of lonely. Any attempt my husband would make to sleep in our bed would quickly be followed by an invasion of the knobbly knees.

Now that the baby had established a fairly good sleeping routine I could finally concentrate on getting my son and his stubborn knees back to where they belong. 

I caught him sneaking into my room at 5 am while I was putting the baby back to sleep after her morning feed. I told him I would rock the baby in his room while he lay down. He was asleep in minutes.

Did I mention in his own room and on his own?

My Hero