Friday Fictioneers: Toddler Mayhem


Maryam was having a miserable time at Zainab’s house. She had spent all afternoon chasing her toddler and stopping him from breaking something. All around there were crystal, porcelain or glass decorations that Zainab had got from her various travels around the world.

Maryam thought about her own house which was completely devoid of any kind of pretty decorations ever since Issa had started crawling. “Speaking of Issa”, she thought, “where is he?”

It was too late. Issa had found his way to the buffet table. There was a loud crash followed by silence. Everyone turned to look at Maryam.

Word count: 100


39 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Toddler Mayhem

    • Hi Iain! Actually I’m the Zainab in the story with hundreds of decorations everywhere. Somehow my 2 yr old knows there’s no messing with them! Occasionally I find my decorations displaced but by and large she hasn’t broken anything. At least till now.

  1. Dear Zainab,

    How well I remember those days. However in this situation my first thought is to make sure Issa’s unhurt. When a toddler is out of sight and quiet, there’s trouble afoot. Nicely done.



  2. Your story is so true to life. Toddlers have a way of getting into trouble unawares. And no matter how much care you take the blame is assigned to the mother, even if dad is inches away. Nicely done.

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