DIY Birthday Party

Google is my lifeline. I use it all the time. I have learnt so many things online.

At the moment most of my searches are related to my son’s upcoming birthday party. Since he is really fond of fairy tales I decided to have this as the theme. I usually do everything myself from the decorations to the games and goodies bags to the birthday invitations and even the envelopes! It’s fun and doesn’t cost so much.

I first looked for invitation card ideas and images I could use and edit. I found one which had pictures from several fairy tales and which aptly fit my theme. I made the cards using Adobe Photoshop and used colored paper for the envelopes.

invitation 2

I then looked for ideas  for games. I settled on having an obstacle course in my backyard and found some great ideas on Google. I adapted these according to my theme so instead of the kids walking on a curvy skipping rope  they’ll be pretending to walk on Red Riding Hood’s path in the forest and if they stray from the path the wicked wolf is waiting for them. And when they’ll run from one point to another they will also be dropping pebbles like Hansel. Climbing up the ladder they will pretend it’s Jack’s beanstalk.

I also found some interesting ideas on Yahoo answers and I’ll be having the children decorate paper crowns and wear these instead of party hats.

With the games and activities settled, next I looked for the decorations. This was a bit hard. I found really fancy stuff like elaborate tables and castles and magic coaches. I can’t do any of that. So I just looked up some images of Red Riding Hood and Jack and the Beanstalk and decided to paint child size pictures on cardboard as decorations. Then I had a great idea. Why not cut out the face and let the children pose as these characters? I think if I manage to do it nicely it will be a big hit.

I haven’t decided on the goodies bags yet. They will be having the standard candy and stationery items but i’ll get plain bags and decorate them either with a Gingerbread man or with a Red hood.

And then the food. I found some really nice ideas on Google and customized them according to the theme. I’ll be serving sandwiches and spring rolls and labeling them The Mad Hatter’s Party, oatmeal cookies will be in a basket labeled Red Riding Hood’s basket. And maybe I’ll add baked beans and call them Jack’s magic beans. I’m not compromising on the cake though. It has to be my son’s favorite chocolate cake without all the fancy pictures and lettering that nobody wants to eat.

Lastly I used Google to find a place nearby which deals in party supplies. I’ll be renting the tables and chairs from there and will see if I can pick up any other interesting things there as well.

I hope it all turns out to be like I’ve planned. I’m so excited, even more than my son!

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15 thoughts on “DIY Birthday Party

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  4. I agree- Google is my lifeline!! Anytime I have a question, my husband says, “Go ask Uncle Google!” My “uncle” knows everything!!

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