A Little Something Extra

We have recently moved to Bahrain and our new home is right at the back of a Golf Club. There’s an amazing restaurant there for pizzas and my son wants to go there every day. This evening we were exploring the golf course area and my nearly 5 year-old was insisting he knows how to play golf and that I should let him play. I pointed out to him the big sign that said “Members only allowed beyond this point” but of course someone who has not yet learned to read can always ignore such signs. I was still arguing with him when I looked up and saw the most gorgeous sky I’ve seen recently. I just had to take a photo or two. So I asked him to wait while I took out my phone to click away. That seemed to diffuse the situation and after I had finished he was already ready to go home.

In this photo you can see the club building on the left and the row of houses (one of which is mine) on the bottom right.

The close proximity to the club means that we have the gym, pool and restaurants just across the road (once we get membership) and although none of us plays golf (except Mr Smarty Pants who seems to think he does) we are really lucky to be located where we are.

Life will just be a little more adventurous.


13 thoughts on “A Little Something Extra

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    • Hi thank you so much, I’m honored but I already have this award and I won’t be able to accept it a second time. Thank you for thinking of me.
      Best wishes, Zainab

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