Back To School for Mom

I actually don’t remember ever being anxious about going back to school. After a long rather boring summer, I looked forward to it. What definitely made me anxious were the exams. Even today whenever I am worried about something I dream that I have an exam and I haven’t prepared for it.

Now as a mother I was more anxious when my little boy went to the “big” school today for the first time. Would he manage going to the toilet by himself? Would he like the lunch and eat it? Would he make friends? Would he manage to see the hours through?

My son was just excited to be wearing a uniform and wanted to go as early as possible. The result was that we had to wait till his teacher called us inside. As I stood nervously by his side holding my car keys, my son chatted with the other students waiting (who he had met for the first time and were much older than him).

When I went to pick him up he was wearing a crown and a smiley face sticker and he told me that the teacher said he was a good boy. He had also had his lunch and snack and had no trouble going to the toilet. Oh boy, relief!

Back to school

12 thoughts on “Back To School for Mom

  1. Gosh.. those school exam dreams are the worst. Also the late to school dreams, cannot find uniform dreams. Just writing about them already making me nervous.

    But at the same time it’s a huge relieve when you wake up and realize that I’ve all done with those shits hahaha.

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    • Good so far. Enjoying the locality, 5 min away from school and right in front of a Golf Club. Not really driving that much yet just close by. Still waiting for my main shipment to arrive.
      Thank you for asking. How are you?

  4. I also have that kind of dreams when I am worried about something. They occur most often before events I have some responsibility for. Those dreams are like epics, filled with scenes of not being able to get there on time or being unprepared if I do.

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