The Daily prompts are very useful because thanks to them I manage to post something every day. OK it may not be award winning, but at least some people like it. I’ve been responding to the Daily Prompt regularly ever since I discovered it, even though sometimes I have to be a bit sneaky and write something other than what was asked for (A little Absurdity).  (The really sneaky people are the ones found at the top of the pingbacks list with totally unrelated stuff!).

As a mother I have to be sneaky a lot of the times just to get things done. OK that itself was a sneaky statement. Let me be more honest. As a mother of an energetic and demanding 3 ½ yr old I often have to sneak off to blog, write, nap, heck even to go to the toilet. Somehow he always knows where I am and what I’m doing. Isn’t it supposed to be the other way round??

While I’m writing this my son has found me in the study and is now undoing his father’s shoe-laces. I’m not stopping him because well, he’s not bothering me is he? Sneaky huh?

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