What Nadir said (At the resort)

We’ve been on vacations on a beach resort the last few days and Nadir, my son has really been in his element. He would strike up a conversation with anyone and everyone he would see, from the desk manager to the housekeeping staff, the room service staff to people in the elevator and even the guy who came to fix the internet.

He was coming back from the beach and on the way he told the guy in the elevator where he had been. “The sand was very clean” he said to him, “I’m going to take it home with me.”

In the playground he was having a conversation with an older boy.

Boy: How old are you?

Nadir: I’m 7 years old. (He’s just turned 4)

Boy: Really, you’re 7 years old???

Nadir: Actually I’m 10.

At Santa’s visit to the Kids Club he wanted to go back to the room and play with the toy that Santa had given him. We, on the other hand were eager to know what Santa had said to him. After a lot of probing he said, “He gave me the present and told me to go to my room to play with it!” Smarty pants!

I recently bought him a soft toy (cat) and this has become his favorite. He calls it his pet and took it with him on the vacations. When he was leaving the hotel room to go to the beach he told his dad to look after his cat. When he came back his dad was not in the room. Later when he returned he questioned his dad, “You left my cat ALONE?” Poor Dad was at a loss for words!

He told the lady who saw us to our room at Check-In that he would like to see ‘N’ written on the hotel (instead of H for Hilton) so that the hotel would become his. He also wanted to know how much the hotel was for. The little guy has big plans!

A Word A Week Challenge: Wind

These photos were taken on Isle de Brehat in Brittany, France on a windy day. I was with my colleagues from Pakistan for a training in Lannion, France and we went to see this island on a weekend. It was a lovely little island and we got some heavy rain which thankfully just lasted a few minutes. The second photo was taken from the boat getting to the island.P1000557_1

P1000575_1And here I am on the island.



Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot Two Ways

Another take on the Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot Two Ways… These shots were taken in Phi Phi Islands, Thailand at sunset. In the horizontal shot I wanted the two trees on the sides to frame the photo and in the vertical shot I wanted to include more of the landscape in the foreground. In the end I think both photos capture the beauty of this wonderful place and every time I see them I feel nostalgic and I wish I could visit again.

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