Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

The playground near my house is next to the lake and is a beautiful and safe place for the children to play. In the first shot you can see it (the tent on the left) with respect to the surroundings, the second shot shows a child at play and the third shot is of a pair of shoes abandoned while the child is busy in the playground.

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Friday Fictioneers: Saved by the Bell

david-stewartAmna had always been a formidable young woman, never afraid to speak her mind and tell people off. Her husband was an agreeable fellow who soon learnt that it was much better to remain on her right side.

Amna was on a strict diet to lose the weight she had gained after their first child. One day as she stood surveying herself in the mirror, she asked her husband “Do I look thinner?”

Her husband was just contemplating how to answer when his phone rang. He thanked the heavens, motioned to his wife and left the room, hoping that the conversation would be forgotten when he returned.

This post has been written for the Friday Fictioneers. For details see the link below:


There’s a space-ship in my neighbor’s garage

This is the winning post for the Jan 2014 What if challenge (link given below).

What if you discovered a space-ship in your neighbor’s garage?

I was coming home from my afternoon walk when suddenly I stopped dead in my tracks. There in broad daylight was a shiny white space-ship parked in my neighbor’s garage.

“I knew it” I thought to myself, “I just knew it”. I always knew there was something strange about the neighbors. They had never returned my calls or thanked me for the cookies I sent them nor the chocolates on New Year. And then their two boys were so odd because they never made any noise. I mean how strange is that? I never saw them playing in the garden or heard them shouting or laughing.

I giggled to myself. So my neighbors were aliens. I wondered what they actually looked like. Did they have green skin and one eye in the middle of the forehead? Mrs. Jones always looked so prim and proper with not a hair out of place. But I must say they were being very daring, not even bothering to hide the fact that a space-ship was parked in their garage.

I was just opening my front door when I heard a voice behind me.

“Hello there!” It was Mrs. Jones standing in my driveway in a neat little blue dress.

“Xertang from Mercury is here to see you. They landed in the wrong house and asked if they could keep their space-ship in my garage. I told them of course, what are neighbors for?”

I swore. My secret was out.



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Copyright – Björn Rudberg

A story I wrote for Friday Fictioneers which I think is very relevant to the topic:

Shahzad’s house was the only one left standing on the mountain after the earthquake of 2005. People would come to see it from far away villages and he became known as a holy man.

Shahzad decided to take advantage of his new reputation and began to sell a cure for pains and aches in a small bottle which he would fill with spring water. “No harm done” he would say to himself while pocketing more and more money. Many swore they had been healed by his medicine.

The next year the floods took away his house and Shahzad with it.

This story has been written for the Friday Fictioneers. For details see the link below:


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Fair and Lovely (short story)

I have spent years chasing the tail of my darkness. I used to spend all my pocket money on beauty creams promising to lighten my skin tone. But unlike those girls I saw on TV in “Fair and Lovely” ads I would not transform into a white beauty in 14 days. Not even in a month.

I was the only sister of 4 brothers. My brothers would tease me calling me a “Kali Bhutni” (black demon) and tell me that no man would ever love me. I would tease them back by telling them that their wives would refuse to cook their food in fear of spoiling their white hands.

I would often hear my mother talking to my father about me in the courtyard at night. “What will we do? Who will marry her?” she would say to which my father would reply “Why? She’s educated and talented, any man would be lucky to have her.” I loved my father more than anyone in the world but my mother was right. Many women from nearby villages who were hoping to find a daughter in law would come to our house since my father was well known and respected in the village. But when they would see me they would leave in a hurry giving some excuse or the other. Soon I stopped coming in front of these women even though my mother kept harassing me.

My father used to play cards with his friends every Friday afternoon after prayers. My mother thought it was all a waste of time, but my father saw no harm in it. They played without money and it was just a chance to sit together and gossip about the village happenings. My brothers would watch them in the courtyard and I would peek out of my room much to my mother’s annoyance.

It was one such afternoon that I saw him for the first time. He had come with his father and was watching them play and listening to their gossip. His smiling face lit up my heart and when he said something to his father I strained my ears to hear his voice. When someone made a joke and everyone laughed, he laughed with them and my heart skipped a beat. I think it was when I was trying to compose myself when my younger brother noticed me staring at the stranger.

“Apa Bhutni what’s going on?” smirked my brother. “Shut up Abrar” I said and quickly went inside my room, shutting the door. That evening I wrote my first poem. I had tried many times before but I think I had lacked inspiration. Now my feelings flowed into words and my words took flight like butterflies in the wind.

A few days later I caught my younger brother stealing from my mother’s jar of change. I didn’t rat on him, instead I asked him for a favor. “Do you remember that young man who came with Chacha Rashid? Just give him something and I won’t tell Ammi what you were doing”.

The next Friday afternoon as I was peeking out of my room I was sure Haider (for that was his name) glanced towards me. I darted inside and prayed that he had not seen me for I was sure that if he would see me he would never want to talk to me. That evening Abrar brought me a message from him. My hands shook as I opened the piece of paper.

It simply said: “You are as beautiful as your words.”


This short story has been written for The Speakeasy #145 where the first line had to be “I have spent years chasing the tail of my darkness.” and some reference was to be given to the art prompt, a painting entitled The Card Players.

Friday Fictioneers: Fence needed

copyright-erin-learyWhen my son was a baby we moved into a house with an open kitchen which was quite a nuisance as we had to keep watching him not to stray into the kitchen area.

One day I had to rush upstairs for something and when I came back I found him sitting in a heap of potatoes and onions, a mixing bowl on his head and a scissor in one hand.

“Mama!” he said, with the widest smile.

From that day on, we had the kitchen fenced off and a gate fixed on the side. Much to my son’s disappointment the gate was always kept closed.

This story has been written for the Friday Fictioneers. For details see the link below:


Friday Fictioneers: The Giant

eiffel-tower-dmmFor all of his life she remembered her son towering over the others.

“Your son is a giant!” people would tell her. As if she didn’t know. She was forever struggling to find his correct size of clothes and shoes. But he was her favorite child. She said he had a heart of gold, forever ready to give to others.

And so it was no surprise that even in his death he thought of only others. He had given instructions to donate his heart and then be cremated. He thought it would be a problem for them to find a coffin his size.

This post has been written for the Friday Fictioneers.


Friday Fictioneers: The First Meeting

copyright-ted-strutzHe had come on a business trip to Istanbul. He hated going on sightseeing excursions alone, but he had a whole day off and decided to take a dinner cruise.

The food was mediocre, but at least the view was breathtaking. He was admiring the Bosphorus when someone in the boat caught his eye. She was alone like him and was dressed simply with little make-up. But her smile was the most captivating he had ever seen. He never looked at the Bosphorus again that night.

They were married shortly after and lived together happily for the rest of their lives.

Daily Prompt: Three-Tenths (Mater rescues McQueen)

My 3 1/2 yr old son loves making up stories and combines all his favorite characters and settings. If he had been asked to write down 10 words, choose 3 out of them and write a post, here is what he would have come up with…

Mater rescues McQueen (The Chosen 3 words)

It was a beautiful morning and McQueen was very excited. Today he was going to race the fire engine all round the island of Sodor. But there was a loud scary sound coming from one side and McQueen forgot all about the race. Instead he went to check what the matter was. Suddenly a huge big dinosaur jumped out and scared McQueen.

“Aaaah” said McQueen and tried to run. But his wheels were stuck in sticky brown mud and he couldn’t move. “Help!” cried McQueen. “I’m in trouble! Help!”

Mater raced out of the barn to help his friend. But the dinosaur jumped in front of him.

“I’m trying to save my friend, please move out of the way” said Mater.

“I won’t if you don’t listen to me” answered the dinosaur.

“Why do you make scary sounds if you can talk?” said Mater in surprise.

“Because no one listens to me” replied the dinosaur.

“Ok, what do you want to say?” said Mater.

“Will you play with me?”

“Oh is that all? Of course! But first let me rescue my friend”.  Mater puts his hook on McQueen and pulls him out of the mud.

Now Mater, McQueen, the dinosaur and the fire engine can all race together. Ready Set Go!