Sisterhood Award


A big thank you to Catherine over at Recovery Ramblins Blog Of ~ Author Catherine Lyon for nominating me for the Sisterhood Award. Do visit her blog to read about her amazing and inspirational story.

The rules forwarded to me are as follows:

1-Provide a link and thank the person who nominated you.

2-Answer 10 questions.

3-Provide links to these nominated blogs and kindly let the recipient know they have been nominated.

The ten questions and their answers are:

1-Favorite Color: Red

2-Your favorite animal: Rabbit

3-Your favorite non- alcoholic drink: Black tea with milk

4-Your favorite pattern: Anything with lines and symmetry

5-Do you prefer giving or receiving presents: Both

6-Your favorite number: ??? None

7-Your favorite day of the month: Friday, it’s movie date day!

8-Your favorite flower: Rose

9-What is your passion: Being a mother

10-Facebook or Twitter- Facebook

And now for the nominees…

  1. helen midgley
  2. Compass & Quill
  3. Tales from the Motherland
  4. hugmamma’s MIND, BODY and SOUL
  5. pardenme

Congratulations and thank you for being so wonderful!

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