Guilty (and a bit neurotic!)

Share a time when you were overcome with guilt. What were the circumstances? How did you overcome your guilt?

There was a time when I bought myself a pair of designer shoes. Now usually I do not indulge myself in this way but somehow my sister convinced me that I should have at least one pair of designer shoes. Not that I can blame her, I obviously wanted them too. She came with me and after several shops we at last decided on one pair. They were the most beautiful shoes I have ever slid my feet into and I just gave into them. When I was paying for them I thought “What am I doing? That’s a lot of money!” But it was too late to back out and I went home with my beauties.

When I tried them on that night they felt uncomfortable and tight. Was it my guilt manifesting itself? No it was not my imagination, they were definitely not comfortable. I decided I would keep trying them on until they got OK. All leather shoes open up according to your feet.

After a month they were still tight. I tried to return them to the store but they told me it was too late to exchange them and they convinced me that I would have to wear them for a longer period of time for them to open up and that they were the correct size.

I felt so guilty that I had wasted so much money. Was my poor husband working so hard so that I could buy a pair of expensive shoes that didn’t even fit me? Couldn’t I have put that money to better use? How could I have been so over indulgent. I thought about those poor children you see in the street barefoot. How many shoes could I have bought for them with that amount of money? Oh my God, I’m such a bad person!

My husband saw me trying to sell those shoes on Dubizzle. He told me that if for once I had bought something nice for myself I should just try to enjoy it. He said I should just wear them properly so they fit me well. “And stop being neurotic!” he added.

So at the next dinner I went to I was strutting about in my beautiful black Christian Dior heels. My guilt does crop up now and then but I’ve decided to keep them and enjoy them as much as I can. After all that’s the only pair of designer shoes I’ll ever have.

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