A Poem for my son

Just wrote this for my son. Will read it tomorrow to him when he wakes up.

A Matter of Mater

One day t’was too hot,

To go out to play.

So my Mama brought

A little rabbit to stay.

The rabbit was white

With small bits of black;

Wasn’t it a sight

Running on the track?

The track of the trains,

Of Wilson and Koko,

Thomas and James,

Get ready set GO!

The track was an eight

For the trains to run

But rabbit went straight

What a lot of fun!

And then Mama asked,

“What will you name him?”

“Mater!” I stated

“Is the best name for him.”

My Mama asked why,

 I said “There’s no doubt,

The reason is simply

His teeth are sticking out!”



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