A Little Prayer

My son appeared in an assessment last week and just yesterday he has been offered admission in the “big school”. He will be joining after finishing the year at nursery. I wrote a little prayer for him as he embarks on this big step.20131206_0858461.jpg

The world awaits you my son

To explore, learn and have fun

May you always come through,

A mother’s prayers are with you.

Would you like to be a fireman?

Hotelier, doctor or even Tarzan,

May all your dreams come true,

A mother’s prayers are with you.

You’ll face difficulties on the way

Set eyes on the goal, never stray

May you never have a day to rue

A mother’s prayers are with you.

My baby you make me so proud

You are so special, so endowed,

May the blessings always renew

A mother’s prayers are with you.

OK maybe not Tarzan but it is his favorite program these days. Also he often says he wants to make a hotel when he grows up. Works for us!

The First Time I Saw You

This post has been specifically written for today’s Daily Prompt: Viral

25th Nov 2009 1:24 pm. My world has changed.  I’ve just given birth to a healthy baby boy. I’ve become a mother.

We have named him Nadir which means exceptional in Urdu. The doctor checks the baby and hands him over to me. I look at him for the first time and I’ve already forgotten the ordeals of labor. He’s so small and yet so perfect.

I’m overwhelmed with emotion and the tears start flowing. Tears of relief and gratitude that God has given me a perfect baby. All through my pregnancy it’s been my biggest fear that something terrible will happen. I’ve been praying to Him not to test me with a burden I cannot bear. I’m just not strong enough. And now He’s listened to me and given me a healthy beautiful baby.

Will He grant the rest of my prayers too? When I prayed that let him grow up to be a good person, let him have good health and good fortunes, let him be one who looks after the less fortunate and is a shoulder for his parents in their old age.

And what about my responsibilities? How I care for this child will largely be accountable for the kind of person he grows up to be. I’m ready, I’m ready for that responsibility.

I put my finger in his hand and he wraps his little fingers around it. Does he already know that his mummy is holding him? Does he recognize my voice? He curls up his mouth on one side and I instantly get my answer. It makes me feel that I could do anything and everything for this child. I’m completely and utterly in love.

First photo with Nadir

First photo with Nadir

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