3 wishes


I wish I could be Tarzan,

Swinging through the trees;

Every day an excursion,

Doing as I please.

I wish I didn’t have to

Go to school every day,

Studying all day through,

Leaves little time to play.

I wish I had more birthdays,

Instead of just the one;

Parties never cease to amaze,

There ought to be more done.

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A Little Prayer

My son appeared in an assessment last week and just yesterday he has been offered admission in the “big school”. He will be joining after finishing the year at nursery. I wrote a little prayer for him as he embarks on this big step.20131206_0858461.jpg

The world awaits you my son

To explore, learn and have fun

May you always come through,

A mother’s prayers are with you.

Would you like to be a fireman?

Hotelier, doctor or even Tarzan,

May all your dreams come true,

A mother’s prayers are with you.

You’ll face difficulties on the way

Set eyes on the goal, never stray

May you never have a day to rue

A mother’s prayers are with you.

My baby you make me so proud

You are so special, so endowed,

May the blessings always renew

A mother’s prayers are with you.

OK maybe not Tarzan but it is his favorite program these days. Also he often says he wants to make a hotel when he grows up. Works for us!

I live in a city (Poem)

I live in a city where

There are flowers but no butterflies

Where a mall can boast snow and ice

And rain induced falls from the skies.

I live in a city where

There are people next door I never see

Where family is far but visitors aplenty

And people in malls just let you be.

I live in a city where

Records are broken with a tip of a hat

Highest, tallest, biggest this, largest that

And wrongdoings are dealt with stat.

I live in a city where

You can live all your life and not belong

You go to a hotel, bring your maid along

And laws are equal for weak and strong.

I live in a city where

Designer shoes and bags are the norm

The humblest person can soon transform

And a little bit of rain is called a storm.

I live in a city where

I’ll move on from in a matter of time

This city will evolve to its most sublime

And someone else will write this rhyme.

*All photographs taken by by the author/poet

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A child is God’s opinion that the world should go on

Expanding on Carl Sandburg’s quote “A baby is God’s opinion that the world should go on.” and my tagline…


Disasters, calamities, self afflicted and God sent,

Weapons and igniting war, tons of money is spent

Among the ashes of war and hatred a child is born,

A child is God’s opinion that the world should go on.

No prejudices, no jealousies, no regrets, no hating,

A gift from God, a bundle of love, a sweet belonging,

Starting anew, as pure as an angel, each child is born,

A child is God’s opinion that the world should go on.

What if it was not fashionable anymore to procreate?

Would the world go on another day or just decimate

Let’s renew the blessings that a child brings us upon

A child is God’s opinion that the world should go on.

Plain Ol’ Me

Tomorrow is the first day of a brand new year. Tomorrow you get to become anyone in the world that you wish. Who are you? You can choose to by anyone, alive today or someone gone long ago. If you decide to stay “you” share your rationale.

If tomorrow I become

Somebody else, you see

the question I have

is who will be me?

Who will look after my home?

My husband and my son?

Without me I am sure,

They will have no fun.

But if I was to think of it

Now who would I be?

The Queen of England,

Or Angelina Jolie?

How would I manage it?

Who would I delude?

Life would be tough

With such a big brood.

Let’s just say for now,

I’m happy to be

Nobody else

Just plain ol’ me.

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On my son’s 4th birthday

Time passes so quickly,

It leaves me a bit giddy,

I just cannot believe it,

My baby’s four already.

I feel a sense of panic,

Should he know more?

Phonics and pencil grip.

My baby’s turned four.

Should he be a bit taller?

And learn how to strive

Before I even know it,

He will soon be five.

What more can I do?

To make sure he knows

Everything he needs.

As he grows and grows.

For soon my little baby

Will be a young man

Taking on the world

With his very own plan.

And then I’ll watch him

Meet success all the way,

But for now I should just

Enjoy his every day.

My love, my son

My love, My son

Your twinkly eyes, your laughter,

Naughtiness, and kisses after.

Jumping all day left and right,

Sleeping so peacefully at night.

Coming to me to fix your toys,

Going to your dad just to be boys.

Talking nonstop, telling a story,

Making friends with girls so pretty.

Coming to me to wipe your tears,

When you fall down on the stairs.

Waking up from some bad dreams,

To sleep back next to me it seems.

You’ve made my life so complete,

So very complicated, yet so sweet.

I could never imagine being apart,

I love you with my soul, my heart.

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A little celebration

followsI think this calls for a little celebration. It’s been a good 2 months and 9 days. 81 posts later this is where I stand: 102 follows, 3364 views and 1002 likes.

Stats apart I’ve had great fun with my first experience in the world of blogging. Being a mother has been my greatest inspiration in writing but I’ve written about a lot of things, some very personal, thanks to the Daily Prompts and the Weekly writing challenges and photo challenges. I actually wrote my first poem as one of my posts and am now thinking of collecting some of my children’s poems into a book. That will be my next project. I had just started promoting my children’s story books when I started blogging. Now I have so many other ideas as well. I have a novel in my head and am just starting to write it down. Again the idea came to me when I was writing a story for one of the challenges.

Most of all I’ve come across some amazing people. Always ready with kind comments and encouraging remarks. I want to thank all of you for being there and making life so much better. You are an inspiration for me. A special thanks to Pat(ricia)Olga and Victoria for their very welcome feedback, Angloswiss for her inspirational writing, Angie and Connie for their inspirational photography, Sheenmeem and KraftedKhaos for motivating me to write poetry, SalamHarsha, plaridelDriesRandomly AbstractImexcitedstemgirlInigo boy and Bams for their frequent visits, iamfunny2 for his clever challenges, Ray Ferrer for being the first one to click that follow button and No Virgin Mary for being the 100th.

Here’s some traditional mithai (sweets) for all of you. Enjoy!


P.S I apologize if I forgot to mention someone!