3 wishes


I wish I could be Tarzan,

Swinging through the trees;

Every day an excursion,

Doing as I please.

I wish I didn’t have to

Go to school every day,

Studying all day through,

Leaves little time to play.

I wish I had more birthdays,

Instead of just the one;

Parties never cease to amaze,

There ought to be more done.

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A Little Prayer

My son appeared in an assessment last week and just yesterday he has been offered admission in the “big school”. He will be joining after finishing the year at nursery. I wrote a little prayer for him as he embarks on this big step.20131206_0858461.jpg

The world awaits you my son

To explore, learn and have fun

May you always come through,

A mother’s prayers are with you.

Would you like to be a fireman?

Hotelier, doctor or even Tarzan,

May all your dreams come true,

A mother’s prayers are with you.

You’ll face difficulties on the way

Set eyes on the goal, never stray

May you never have a day to rue

A mother’s prayers are with you.

My baby you make me so proud

You are so special, so endowed,

May the blessings always renew

A mother’s prayers are with you.

OK maybe not Tarzan but it is his favorite program these days. Also he often says he wants to make a hotel when he grows up. Works for us!

I live in a city (Poem)

I live in a city where

There are flowers but no butterflies

Where a mall can boast snow and ice

And rain induced falls from the skies.

I live in a city where

There are people next door I never see

Where family is far but visitors aplenty

And people in malls just let you be.

I live in a city where

Records are broken with a tip of a hat

Highest, tallest, biggest this, largest that

And wrongdoings are dealt with stat.

I live in a city where

You can live all your life and not belong

You go to a hotel, bring your maid along

And laws are equal for weak and strong.

I live in a city where

Designer shoes and bags are the norm

The humblest person can soon transform

And a little bit of rain is called a storm.

I live in a city where

I’ll move on from in a matter of time

This city will evolve to its most sublime

And someone else will write this rhyme.

*All photographs taken by by the author/poet

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Weekly Writing Challenge: Lunch Posts

My son is a picky eater and when he started nursery I opted for the school lunch box in the hope that he would improve his eating habits. It was tough in the beginning and he would often come home without eating, but now since last term he eats whatever is on the menu. Still I can’t help being anxious at lunchtime….

It’s lunchtime and I’m wondering if

You’ve had your chicken and veggies too,

It’s good that you have company there

I’m alone here, can’t help missing you.

There’s still an hour till you come home,

With all the excitement of the day,

You’ve forgotten each morning when

“I don’t want to go to school” you say.


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A child is God’s opinion that the world should go on

Expanding on Carl Sandburg’s quote “A baby is God’s opinion that the world should go on.” and my tagline…


Disasters, calamities, self afflicted and God sent,

Weapons and igniting war, tons of money is spent

Among the ashes of war and hatred a child is born,

A child is God’s opinion that the world should go on.

No prejudices, no jealousies, no regrets, no hating,

A gift from God, a bundle of love, a sweet belonging,

Starting anew, as pure as an angel, each child is born,

A child is God’s opinion that the world should go on.

What if it was not fashionable anymore to procreate?

Would the world go on another day or just decimate

Let’s renew the blessings that a child brings us upon

A child is God’s opinion that the world should go on.

Fast Forward

Could life be fast forwarded?

Do we really need to see?

What happens in the future?

Is it how we thought it to be?

If I could go to the time

When my son’s turned 18,

Is he tall and handsome?

To be good is he keen?

What subjects does he study?

What hobbies does he pursue?

Does he love to read and write?

Of politics, does he have a clue?

But what is this urgency?

The future will come all the same,

Jumping into the future

We’ll be strangers in our own game.

Let’s live our lives to the fullest,

And savor each and every day.

Make our future the best

For us in every way.

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My charming son

Though children can at times be naughty little devils, they also know how to be charming and affectionate. My son can be a real charmer when he wants to:20121203_093832

When I lie down at night,

And think about the day,

With no doubt the highlight

Is when you come to say,

“Mama I want to kiss you!”

Elated, I open up my arms,

 My smiling face next to you,

Enraptured by your charms.

And then you hold sweetly,

My face in your chubby hands

And on my cheeks so neatly,

A cute little wet kiss lands!

The Big Bad Wolf

Reposting this. All I’m reading these days is fairy tales, reading to my son that is. This post is inspired by the story of Red Riding Hood but has been rewritten in the form of a poem to suit all characters (especially trying to make the villain look good!)

My son always seems to love the villain of the story. Nowadays the Big Bad Wolf is his favorite character. So yesterday I wrote this poem for him:

wolf and red riding hood

Picture credit: www.wellheeledblog.com

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Daily Prompt: Learning

Nadir started nursery last year

To learn a thing or two,

Away from his mother,

Five hours straight through.

To begin with, quiet was he

Not living up to his potential,

More social he had to be

Said his school principal.

With time he became more sure,

And learnt to make friends,

Colors, shapes, numbers and more,

Hard work paid dividends.

His love of books was nurtured

All day he talked no end,

Working with his hands he preferred,

Anastasia became his best friend.

Another year is about to start,

New friends and things to learn,

Books, music, crafts and art,

And a whole lot of fun!


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