My son is an alien

This morning I decided to make some applesauce for my 6 year old to have over his pancakes instead of the usual chocolate syrup. I steamed the apples and blended them with a little honey. Then I made star shaped pancakes and poured the applesauce over them.

Nadir took one bite and made the worst face possible. I scolded him for not keeping an open mind and told him to try another bite (after I had tasted it to make sure all was ok). Still the same face. I scolded him a bit more and brought a chocolate croissant for him to eat. He looked at me with a grouchy face and said “Why do you hate me?”

After telling him that i most certainly didnt, I left the room.

5 minutes of sitting by himself I heard him calling me, “Mama I’m sorry for being mean!”

“Ok Nadir, do you want me to come sit with you?”

When I sat with him as he happily ate his croissant, he said “Mama, actually I can’t eat healthy food because I’m from outer space.”

Great views, empty stomach


Today I’m at a beautiful beach resort with my family. We’ve been upgraded to a suite with the most gorgeous views I’ve ever seen. The weather is lovely, a bit chilly, but not uncomfortable yet.

Should be perfect, right? Read on.

I just ordered a cheese pizza in room service for my son. I wanted him to eat before he went for his story telling session at the Kids Club. This is something he likes but this time he decides he doesn’t like the cheese on the pizza and he just wants the bread. So in order to get something into his stomach I’m trying to remove the cheese and give him the bread. And do you know how hard it is to remove the cheese from a cheese pizza?

You know what? I would easily trade in those views if my son would just eat whatever is available.  If you’re a parent of a picky eater you would understand what I mean. Seriously.

For me a perfect day would be for us to be out somewhere nice and for my son to eat his food.

On a lighter note my son told the desk manager ” You should put an N (for Nadir) on the hotel so that it becomes mine!”

Ps: I apologize for any formatting mistakes as I’m posting from my phone.