Photo of the Week: Serenity

20140218_162101_1I really love the place where I live. It’s so peaceful and beautiful, it’s hard to think that we’re in a desert. There’s nothing better than a walk around this lake to clear my head. I should enjoy it while it lasts since it will soon become so hot that any form of outdoor exercise becomes unbearable.

A Peaceful Sleep

I sit by my son’s side as he sleeps peacefully. His two chubby hands are placed near his face. His hair is still slightly damp from the bath he took before going to sleep and is standing up at the top of his head. He looks fatter than he really is when he’s sleeping and I resist the temptation of pressing those delicious cheeks. He is snoring lightly and the blanket covers the lower half of his body, at least for now.

Light from the bathroom streams into the room and illuminates the bed that he sleeps on. The bed is red and is shaped like a car with big black wheels. The sides of the bed are raised and prevent him from falling off which is a good thing as he rolls often in his sleep.

I sometimes take a picture of him when he is sleeping and send it to his Dad who works in another country during the week. Tonight I will just savor the moment.

How quiet the house is now? And how tired he must be from all the day’s activities? He has been playing outside in his new tent and cleaning the porch of ants with a wiper. How funny he looked with a wiper twice his size. Then I gave him a smaller one and he didn’t leave it till it was time to come inside. He was scolding the ants for being there and bothering his Grandma so much and calling them “badtameez” (ill-mannered).

We tried to make him rest in the afternoon but he would have none of it. We gave him an early dinner since he was up since 5:30 in the morning and we thought he might fall asleep early. But till he went up to sleep he was jumping up and down and showing no signs of being tired. Where does he get all that energy from?

Tomorrow he goes back to school after 5 days of holidays. I hope he doesn’t make a fuss in the morning and refuse to go. But at least he has the National Day celebrations to look forward to. And I have gotten him a scarf with the flag on it and he should be excited to wear it.

But for now my little darling sleeps so peacefully without a care in the world. What would he be dreaming of? I’m sure that wiper will feature somewhere in his dreams tonight!

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