5 reasons I don’t want another child

1. I’m going to turn 43 in July and I feel I no longer have the energy to spend sleepless nights all over again. I’m not saying I’m not fit and healthy, it’s just that staying up at night, nursing and putting a wide awake baby to sleep just requires a whole different energy source.

2. Toilet training. It’s enough that I went through this nightmare with my first child and am going through it with my second child now. I just don’t want to do it a third time. I’d rather take a space journey to Mars. At least I’d know what the heck I was doing.

3. I feel that my family is complete. It’s not that I have both a son and a daughter, I mean how many toddler tantrums and tween tantrums can one family take? Why is it that both of them discover some earth shattering issue at the same time that requires my immediate attention? Imagine if there was a third?

4. I want to travel. It’s not easy travelling with small kids despite all the tips and advice you will get. I want my kids to be grown up enough for us to enjoy the plane ride, exploring a new country or a new attraction. If I’m going to be spending a fortune on travel I dont want it ruined because someone fell asleep and missed the entire event or someone bawled throughout the plane ride.

5. I want to preserve my sanity. Parenting is hard work. There’s no handbook which comes with it and even though there will be plenty of people to give you advice, each child is different and each situation is different. I’m not saying it’s not rewarding, I love my two brats to bits, but it takes a lot out of you every time.

And so, I can safely say, that I’m perfectly fine with the two I have and there’s no chance I will be adding to the brood.

Friday Fictioneers: On Board


“Do I have you on board?”

In front of Dave sat his three children looking at him open mouthed. They had been making plans for their Easter holidays and Dave had just proposed that they spend these holidays at home and make the most of it as he couldn’t take time off.

Little Adam looked at his older sister and gave a cheeky smile showing his missing front teeth. Daddy always sounded funny when he spoke like that.

“Daddy you’re not the CEO here, you’re at home!”

Dave smiled. “Really, then who is?”

“Mummy!” replied all the children together.

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Top 10 Weird Driving Trips

It was around two and a half years ago that I got my driving license after 5 attempts at the test. I was extremely delighted since it meant that I didn’t have to appear in the test a 6th time and also there would be no problem dropping and picking my son who was soon to start school.

Since then I have made some regular trips and some irregular ones. Here are some of the weird trips I have had to make:PicsArt_1391090110588

  1. Going to the park to pick up my son after an emergency call from his nanny because he needed to do potty and there’s no toilet near the park.
  2. Taking him back when he was done.
  3. Getting an ice cream for my husband from the nearby market late at night because he was craving for one and was too tired to get it himself. What can I say, I’m a dutiful wife!
  4. Rushing to the birthday supply shop to have helium balloons filled up in time for my husband’s surprise birthday party.balloons
  5. Going to my son’s school to pick up his little rubber monster toy which he forgot to bring back with him and threw a big tantrum when he found out it was missing.20140130_181343
  6. Bundling my aged mother, her wheelchair, my son, his stroller and his nanny into the car for a trip to the aquarium. It was worth it, we had a blast!20130714_160738
  7. Bundling 4 ladies and 4 children in my 7-seater with supplies for a ladies day out in the park. This one I could have skipped.
  8. Bringing two tables, 16 chairs and birthday supplies for my son’s birthday party on a day when it had rained heavily and flooded many roads. Thankfully the rain didn’t spoil the party and the tables and chairs looked lovely.P1010408
  9. Making a trip to the Oman consulate and getting lost in the process only to find out that we could get a visa on arrival.
  10. Rushing to the hospital emergency in the middle of the night with my son who wouldn’t stop coughing and was refusing to be nebulized. The staff was so inefficient they didn’t see him till half an hour, but thankfully the coughing had stopped more or less.

Dollars, Dirhams & Pounds

I worked for ten years in a telecom multinational. I traveled around the world for workshops, meetings and training and made enough money to buy a house in my home country. When I had a baby I gave up my job and stayed at home to be a mother. My priorities had changed and I felt I had to devote myself to being a mother.

My role as a mother has been more rewarding and far reaching than my job could ever be when I consider that the way I look after my son will affect the kind of person he grows up to be. As an adult he will affect the lives of so many people around him. It’s like a chain effect and the starting point is a mother.

Despite that sometimes I miss the fact that I no longer make money. I feel like I may not be living up to my full potential if I cannot generate an income. What use are my PMP and Six Sigma Black belt and all my experience if I cannot even land a dime.

Actually I did land a dime recently. I did some market surveys online and when I got paid for it I felt I had accomplished something even though it wasn’t even enough to have a decent meal for two.  I have even looked for opportunities to work online from home but haven’t really found something interesting.

I don’t want to go back to a full time job because I don’t want to neglect my son. Being there for my son is my number one priority. There is no doubt about it.

But why do I have this feeling of inadequacy? And what would I do with the money even if I was making it? Just pay a part of it to charity and put the rest in the bank. Why would that give me satisfaction? I don’t even understand it myself. Is there something about making money that is addictive? Would it satisfy my ego?

What do you think?

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