Children can say or do something very embarrassing at times. I’m sure all of you have a story like that. Here’s mine.

PicsArt_1391613570227For some time it was very difficult to get my son to go to school. He would just refuse to go and any amount of coaxing, bribing or threatening would not change his mind. I checked with his teacher and she told me that he was perfectly fine once he entered the classroom and during the day he would interact well with her and the other children. Apparently all that drama was just for me.

One morning I had somehow gotten him in the car, but he was in a very bad mood. He was muttering and spluttering the whole time he was in the car. When we reached the school I was very surprised that he got down without any resistance and marched off towards the building. Little did I know what his motivation was.

As you enter the school building there is a small area where the parents drop off their children. The Principal and the teachers or their assistants are waiting at the end of this area to take the children with them to the class. Now the Principal is a very strict no-nonsense sort of lady who I suspect all the staff and probably some of the parents (including me) are a bit scared of. But apparently not my son.

He spotted the Principal and announced, “I’m going to put you in jail and lock you up”. I think that was the punishment he wanted to give her for opening the school and inadvertently making him come there. The principal just laughed and replied to him “Who’s going to run the nursery then?” I was hovering behind my son and glad that he didn’t reply “Exactly!” to this. All I could manage to say was “Oh he’s being a policeman today.” I suspect I was extremely red in the face when I said this.

The next day to make up for this incident I made my son give the Principal a flower. However, he refused to apologize since he didn’t think he had done anything wrong. The Principal was very kind and said that it wasn’t needed.

Soon after my son realized that he would have to go to school whether he liked it or not and stopped making a fuss in the morning.

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First Day of School

When I was little and used to see my older brother and sister going to school every day I just couldn’t wait to start too. I had a small satchel which I would fill with color pencils and say “I want to go to ‘cool”. The nursery was right next to the primary school building where my brother and sister went. I don’t remember much about the first day except that my big sister popped in to check on me.

When my father came to pick us up, he picked up the older two and was driving out when they realized they had forgotten me behind! My father told me later that I somehow knew that I had been forgotten and I told everybody off when they came to pick me. I don’t know if this was exaggerated as I have no memory of that. Apparently I used to tell people off when I was little.

My son’s first day of nursery was nothing like that. They start the first week with just a few hours and then if the child is doing well they expand to full timings. Sometimes the mothers are asked to stay at the school if their child is crying a lot and some even have to sit in class.

Since my son was perfectly happy to go I was told to drop him and check in on him two hours later. When I came in, I got thumbs up from the teacher and told that he was doing fine and that I should come at the end of the day.

When I came to pick him up he had apparently been having so much fun that he didn’t want to come back. He clung to the assistant and refused to come to me! It was so embarrassing, but at the same time I was relieved that he didn’t cry without me.

I wrote this poem about my son’s first year at nursery and the principal published it in her monthly newsletter:

Nadir started nursery last year

To learn a thing or two

Away from his mother

Five hours straight through.

To begin with, quiet was he

Not living up to his potential,

More social he had to be

Said his school principal.

With time he became more sure,

And learnt to make friends,

Colors, shapes, numbers and more,

Hard work paid dividends.

His love of books was nurtured

All day he talked no end,

Working with his hands he preferred,

Anastasia became his best friend.

Another year is about to start,

New friends and things to learn,

Books, music, crafts and art,

And a whole lot of fun!

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Getting to school

“I’ll put you in jail and lock you up” announced the little boy with the Dusty backpack.

“Then who will run the nursery?” answered the Principal with a wry smile on her face.

The little boy’s embarrassed mother hovered behind him. “Oh he’s just being a policeman today..” she said weakly to the Principal.

That’s my son as he entered the nursery today. Every day getting him inside is a monumental task. Today he went of his own accord but apparently it was to make this announcement. He’s not even scared of his Principal. Everyone is scared of her, even me.

My mother has promised to give him a prize at the end of the week if he goes every day without making a fuss. She’s bought a few small windup toys to give him, a little footballer that walks, a little penguin, an airplane with a pilot in it and a crab inside a shell. But even giving him a little incentive is not working.

Yesterday it took me 20 minutes to get him inside. 10 minutes he was squatting near the car and refusing to budge and another 10 minutes outside the nursery door. Finally I had to ask the assistant to come and get him.

I talked to his teacher about it. She told me that as soon as he enters the class he forgets that he didn’t want to come. He works well the whole day and interacts with everyone. All this fuss is just for me.

It starts when he finishes his breakfast. “Ok now get ready for school”, I tell him as I pack his bag. “I don’t want to go to school. I want to play with my toys.”

He’s too big now for me to physically bundle him into the car and into the school. I have to convince him somehow. And he doesn’t tell me why he doesn’t want to go. “You’re alone at home and there are no other girls or boys to play with”, I try to tell him, but all my arguments fall on deaf ears.

My husband works in another country during the week so it’s all up to me to get him to school every day. Yesterday I was so stressed out I ended up in tears. I’ve tried everything and I don’t know what to do now.

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Starting school in Dubai

Mummy secures little Eva in the car seat and drives to the nursery. The little girl is crying hysterically as her mother hands over her bag with the morning snack and pampers along with a baby toilet seat. Eva is 18 months old and today is her first day of nursery. She will spend 5 hours at the nursery while Mummy enjoys her “freedom”. This is not fiction. This happens in Dubai.

So what do such small kids even do at nursery besides take naps and nappy changes? An 18 month old child has hardly started potty training and can only speak a few words.

Compared to Dubai, kids in the US start kindergarten at the age of 5 and in the UK they start nursery at 3 and then school at 4 or 5. Are children in Dubai more advanced than their counterparts in the UK and US and need to start learning sooner?

After spending 2 to 3 years in nursery it’s time to start school. But hey it’s not so easy. Parents have to register at a number of schools with a non-refundable registration fee of around $135 at each school. Even then a place is not guaranteed.

Ethan is going to be 3 at the start of the academic year and he has been lucky enough to be called for an assessment. Yes, even for starting school he has to go through an assessment. He is to enter a room full of strangers without his parents and answer questions correctly and confidently. He better not confuse his yellows from reds or his circles from ovals or else he will be deemed unfit to enter school. If he clears the assessment he will be put on a waiting list and if there is a place left for him, his parents will receive the lucky letter.

The whole process is extremely stressful and to add to it expensive for the parents. I went through it for my son and in the end I just had to go for the school affiliated with his nursery as I couldn’t get him admission anywhere else. I think it was easier for me getting into university in my hometown than it was getting my 3 year old in to school in Dubai!