Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

Threshold: That moment when in a flash you see yourself driving a BMW in the future.


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The Naming Game

Do you know the meaning of your name, and why your parents chose it? Do you think it suits you? What about your children’s names?

Every parent has 9 months to decide his/her child’s name, yet many children remain nameless for weeks at end. What is it in a name that makes it so hard to make a decision. And how on earth do people come up with names such as “North West”??

I was named Zainab by my father and although it very appropriately means “a father’s precious jewel” or “the one who glorifies a father” in Arabic, I was given this name more for it’s historical significance and it’s popularity among Muslims. The daughter of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) was named Zainab as well as one of his granddaughters. Another meaning of Zainab is “blossoming flower” or “fragrant flower”.

Although I have never thought of myself as a blossoming flower, I love my name and I cannot think of anything that would suit me more. It is my identity. I look in the mirror and I think “Zainab”, except for a few of those bad days when I think “Stupid Idiot”. Unfortunately my father went a step further and also gave me a nickname and half my family know me by my nickname of “Binno” (I cannot believe I just told you all that!)

I named my son Nadir (pronounced Naader) which means exceptional in Urdu. When I found out I was having a boy I had these considerations while naming him:

A name with a meaning which could shape his personality because I really believe that it does.

A name starting with the letter N to go with his father’s name Naseer.

A name which sounds good with his surname of Ali.

And so I came up with Nadir Ali.

At some point of time I have to change the spelling to Nader to differentiate it from the English word which very inappropriately means the lowest point 😦

Yes I know what you’re thinking, I had 9 months to decide and I couldn’t get the spelling right?

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