Back to School


So it’s back to school tomorrow. Somehow I survived a winter break in which we did not travel and I was left to entertain my 5 year old entirely on my own devices. There were crazy moments, a lot of bonding, a lot of noise, too much time spent in timeout, and a million hugs.

My favorite time spent with him was when we created something together. He gets a brilliant idea like “I want to make a house for my soft toys!” and then I help him implement his idea. And while I work away with cardboard, scissors and tape and his creation takes shape, he keeps telling me “I love you Mama!” It’s these moments I wish would linger forever.

When he comes back from school half the day is already over and he has spent a lot of his energy positively so it’s not so difficult to keep him busy the rest of the day. But when you have the whole day to keep him engaged it’s a whole different matter. And then what magic do the teachers possess that the children always listen to them, whereas I have to repeat myself at least 3 times before it’s even acknowledged that I said something?

Yes, somehow I survived. Having said that I have to concede that being a mother, no doubt has its perks as well. How else would someone call me his “sidekick” and make plans with me to fight monsters together? How else would I get such tight hugs that I would have to catch my breath at least 10 times a day? How else would I be told, “I want to marry you because you’re so cute!”

There is never a dull moment with him around and when he goes to school tomorrow my morning will feel empty and lonely. I have made a plan to go out probably to avoid the silence at home. Before I know it I will be longing for the next holidays. Crazy, right?


A Proud Mom

Isn’t it just fantastic when children do well and you can witness that as parents?

My son had his school concert today. He’s only 4 1/2 and is just finishing nursery. He’s been practising the songs for the concert for many weeks and I knew he would do well because he had sung many of them for me perfectly with actions.

Little did I know that my little baby was in fact the star of the show (along with a girl of his class). Not only was he performing songs with the other children, he was also delivering individual lines throughout the performance. There were about 40 people watching the show and he did not flinch for a second.

I was sitting in the front row and was almost falling out of my little chair with happiness. I always knew that he could perform very well because he’s always doing his own “shows” at home but I didn’t know he could memorize actual lines and deliver in front of an audience. I was also a bit worried that he might be tempted to change the words of the songs. But he didn’t let anyone down.

This is what motherhood is all about. To see your children grow and reach their highest potentials. I actually felt nervous as if it was my own performance. (And Lord knows I can’t perform in front of an audience.) I can now understand why my father used to call up our relatives and tell them that one of us or the other had stood first in his/her class. I did exactly the same. As soon as I came home I called up my mother and my mother-in-law to tell them of their grandson’s achievement. This feeling cannot even match what I felt at my own achievements.

Yes, this is what motherhood is all about.


How do they do it?

I’m at the mall and while I’m desperately holding on to my son’s hand who is trying his best to run off, another mother passes me by, walking ahead, while her little boy follows her closely behind.

I’m at a ladies’ get together having left my son at home with his nanny. One of the ladies has brought her son with her. He is sitting on the carpet and playing with his toys. Occasionally he looks up to smile at his mother.

I’m at my son’s nursery and while I’ve deposited him screaming and crying into the assistant’s arms, another little girl walks up to the assistant waiting to take her to class, she turns around to smile and wave goodbye to her daddy.

Sometimes I get envious of other parents who seem to be having such an easy time while I’m struggling with mine. He is sometimes just too clever for his own good and just wants to be independent all the time and not listen to me. His teacher thinks he is really advanced for his age and I tend to agree with her.

At night after creating havoc all day, he comes to me to apologize and tell me that he loves me. He then snuggles with me and falls asleep. That’s when I realize I may well be the luckiest mom around.

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Jobs & Benefits

Before I had my son I was working in Project Management in a Telecom company and looking after the sales reporting for a region. I was based in Pakistan and my boss was located in France. I used to connect with my boss and the other project managers of the region via conference calls. I was doing really well and getting huge bonuses and increments. I also would often fly to Egypt for meetings with all expenses covered by the company and any training I needed would be done in France.

I was a real hot shot.

And then along comes little Mr. Nadir and all my priorities changed. My company wrote a work from home policy (since they didn’t have one at the time) to facilitate my staying with them. I tried a month of it but I couldn’t concentrate on my work. How can you if your son is crying for you. I decided that if I couldn’t do well at my job there was no point in doing it at all. For me the motivation in doing something is if I can do it to the best of my ability. Financially we could do with my husband’s salary.

I quit my job.

I quickly came to the conclusion that raising a child was more difficult than any job I had done. There were no fixed timings, no coffee breaks, no sick leave and no salary benefits. And more than the work itself it is the consequences of what you do that are so daunting. The way you raise a child will largely affect the type of person he/she grows up to be. He/she will affect so many other people in his/her life and so on and so forth. The work you do in an office seems so trivial in comparison.

Now it’s been 4 years since I quit and I don’t miss my job as such but I do miss earning my own money. If I was to have an ideal job it would be one which just required me to work half day (in the morning) when my son would be at school. Obviously I would never have that seniority again as when I left but I wouldn’t mind any kind of work as long as I was there to pick up my son from school and for the rest of the day.

After all getting a hug from him and hearing his stories is more gratifying than any amount of money.

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Top 10 Weird Driving Trips

It was around two and a half years ago that I got my driving license after 5 attempts at the test. I was extremely delighted since it meant that I didn’t have to appear in the test a 6th time and also there would be no problem dropping and picking my son who was soon to start school.

Since then I have made some regular trips and some irregular ones. Here are some of the weird trips I have had to make:PicsArt_1391090110588

  1. Going to the park to pick up my son after an emergency call from his nanny because he needed to do potty and there’s no toilet near the park.
  2. Taking him back when he was done.
  3. Getting an ice cream for my husband from the nearby market late at night because he was craving for one and was too tired to get it himself. What can I say, I’m a dutiful wife!
  4. Rushing to the birthday supply shop to have helium balloons filled up in time for my husband’s surprise birthday party.balloons
  5. Going to my son’s school to pick up his little rubber monster toy which he forgot to bring back with him and threw a big tantrum when he found out it was missing.20140130_181343
  6. Bundling my aged mother, her wheelchair, my son, his stroller and his nanny into the car for a trip to the aquarium. It was worth it, we had a blast!20130714_160738
  7. Bundling 4 ladies and 4 children in my 7-seater with supplies for a ladies day out in the park. This one I could have skipped.
  8. Bringing two tables, 16 chairs and birthday supplies for my son’s birthday party on a day when it had rained heavily and flooded many roads. Thankfully the rain didn’t spoil the party and the tables and chairs looked lovely.P1010408
  9. Making a trip to the Oman consulate and getting lost in the process only to find out that we could get a visa on arrival.
  10. Rushing to the hospital emergency in the middle of the night with my son who wouldn’t stop coughing and was refusing to be nebulized. The staff was so inefficient they didn’t see him till half an hour, but thankfully the coughing had stopped more or less.

Envious husbands

My husband thinks I have an amazing life because I get to sleep in the afternoon. That’s only because I get up at 6 and also don’t get a restful sleep at night since my son likes to transfer to my bed and then often he has a cough and wakes me up.

Then the other day I told my husband that after I dropped my son off to school for his first full day I went for shopping followed by lunch. He looked at me incredulously as if I had told him that I had bought a Gucci bag and had lunch with Brad Pitt. He just thinks that I shouldn’t be enjoying myself while he’s slaving away in office.

Not that I don’t know what it’s like working in an office. I started working straight out of University and only quit when my son was born. Working in an office is a piece of cake compared to looking after a baby. Life becomes so difficult, it can really be stressful and any mistake you make can affect the life of an individual. The stakes are much higher. And even though you don’t get paid, it’s still more rewarding being a mother.

Now that my son is going to school and has recently started staying an hour longer why shouldn’t I enjoy the time I get to myself. Don’t I deserve it?

How many of you gentlemen are envious of your stay at home wives?

A Shoulder to Cry On (Short Story)

It has always been Mom for me out there. Whenever I needed comfort or encouragement it was her I turned to. When she held me in her soft hands and looked at me with her kind, gentle eyes, I knew everything would be alright.

Sure Dad was there but he was too busy working and I didn’t see much of him. Even when he retired he would be immersed in his books and we didn’t really connect much.

When I topped in my class in high school it was my Mom I first came to with the news. When my girlfriend told me she was moving away I wept on my Mom’s shoulder like a baby. She always had words to comfort me and to make me feel hopeful again. When I was stuck in some writing assignment I would look to her for inspiration.

I got my first job and moved into an apartment nearby. I don’t know who needed who more but I had to stay close to her. I would see her every day on my way home from work or call her if I got late.

I started to notice small changes in her. We would be talking about someone who lived in our neighborhood and was moving away and she couldn’t remember her name even though she had been a good friend. Or we would be remembering the holidays we took together and she couldn’t recall where it was that we were in a boat on a river.  I talked to Dad about it but he just told me it happens with age. But I was worried. I took her to a doctor and they did some tests. They told me what I had dreaded all along, that it was Alzheimer’s and it was just going to get worse.

The pace with which she deteriorated frightened me. She would have mood swings and not recognize people who would call her. She had trouble writing and reading. Dad was there with her but he had his own health problems. I was scared that she would soon not be able to look after herself. I knew how frustrating it was for her. She had always been a strongly independent woman.

One day I was getting late at office and she called me. “Is everything OK?” I asked her. I quickly wound up my work and headed for home. She was sitting in the lounge with the excited look of a child. The place was decorated with a banner and balloons and my favorite chocolate and mocha cake was sitting on the table. I couldn’t believe she had remembered my birthday when she was forgetting so many important things. “Some things can’t be forgotten” she told me in reply to the surprised look on my face. We ate cake and she badgered me about getting married and giving her grandchildren and for a while everything was like normal again.

She died a few days later quietly in her sleep. She didn’t wait to be dependent on anyone. I wished she had waited for her grandchildren. I’ll always regret that I couldn’t give her that.


This story is in response to The Speakeasy #144. The challenge was to write fiction or poetry and include the sentence “Some things can’t be forgotten” and a reference to the song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. I referred to the lyrics of the song “Picture yourself in a boat on a river” in my story.

My Only One

PicsArt_1387727816233Who is the most important person in your life? Describe that person in as great a detail as you can muster and most importantly, tell us why you cherish this person.

My son crawls into my bed adjacent to his and plops onto the pillow. “Mama loves you” I whisper in his ear as he adjusts his position. “Oh Mama, you made me happy!” comes the sleepy reply as he goes back to sleep and starts to snore gently.

How did this little one become the most important person in my life? It didn’t just happen 4 years ago when I first held him, a tiny red wrinkled up creature; it started even before that when I first felt him in my womb.

The first movements were so slight I could easily have been mistaken; they felt like tiny bubbles inside. But they sparked the beginning of a bond that was forged for 9 months and will last a lifetime.

I have watched him grow into the sprightly little boy he is today. He makes me so happy and so proud and I cherish every moment I have with him. I am so helplessly in love with him I could truly do anything for him.

He has grown to have such a unique personality. Today while I was upstairs he sat on the steps calling me. “Mama I love you” he yelled out. When I came down he asked, “Can I have some candy?”

He’s learning phonics these days and so for every word the first letter is emphasized. While eating his food he observed “ke, ke, kebab”. And sometimes just to be naughty he’ll say the wrong thing on purpose; “A for Nadir!” and then see my reaction.

He thinks everything works like a touch screen. He tries to poke the screen of my laptop and the TV thinking something should happen.

He’s very fond of the outdoors and concerned for nature. We were passing through the neighborhood and saw that some branches of the trees had been cut. He immediately spoke out. “Why are you cutting the trees? Where will the birds sit? On the FLOOR?!” Another time he saw the water sprinklers on and he went and turned them off. “If we waste water, the planet will become sad”.

I love the fact that I am also the most important person for him. At least for now. Till he finds a girl for himself and then I may not be the most important person for him but I like to think he will always have a special place in his heart for me.

My Love, My Son (A Poem)

The First Time I Saw You

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The Daily Rescue

Tell us about the time you rescued someone else (person or animal) from a dangerous situation. What happened? How did you prevail?

I wish I had stories of bravery to tell here where I threw myself in front of a speeding car to rescue a toddler stranded on the road or I pulled the dog out of the river to return it to its owner, but sorry I don’t have anything. Not that I wouldn’t put myself in danger to bring my child out of it, but thankfully nothing like that has ever happened.

As a mother I’m always rescuing my 4 year old from situations which he thinks are quite serious. “Help me, Mama, please help me!” cries the little guy trying to fix his broken toy. I come over and with expert maneuvers put his toy back together. “Mama, make me OK” he sobs when he gets hurt usually doing something naughty. I rub his hand and kiss it and make the pain go away. No repairman or doctor could do what I can do.

So what makes me such an expert? In my son’s mind Mama can fix any broken toy and mend any little hurt he gets. That’s what mothers are for.

I like my role as a rescuer. It makes me feel important and special.

And so it makes me sad to think that the older he gets and the more sophisticated his toys get it will be more difficult for me to fix them. And he’ll soon be old enough not to cry when he gets hurt and learn that eventually with time his wounds will heal by themselves. Will he stop needing me to rescue him?


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My love, my son

My love, My son

Your twinkly eyes, your laughter,

Naughtiness, and kisses after.

Jumping all day left and right,

Sleeping so peacefully at night.

Coming to me to fix your toys,

Going to your dad just to be boys.

Talking nonstop, telling a story,

Making friends with girls so pretty.

Coming to me to wipe your tears,

When you fall down on the stairs.

Waking up from some bad dreams,

To sleep back next to me it seems.

You’ve made my life so complete,

So very complicated, yet so sweet.

I could never imagine being apart,

I love you with my soul, my heart.

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