A Cooking Machine

After yesterday’s prompt it seems that cooking is a problem for many and not just me. I would build a machine that would automatically cook whatever dish you wanted.

All you would have to do was to feed in the recipe in the form of a data file. Then you put in the ingredients not even bothering to measure out the right quantity. Did you know that when they write 1 cup, an American cup is different from what it would mean for some other country? And what exactly do they mean by 1 stick of butter? No need to worry about all that, all we would do was to put the ingredients in and let the machine figure out the right quantity.

The machine would “read” the recipe and know what to do next. No more headaches of when to stir fry, boil, simmer or bake. Listen to the bubbling and gurgling sounds while reading your favorite magazine (or blogging) and when you hear the Brrrring, out pops the dish, ready to eat! How cool is that?

Push the “Retrieve ingredients” button to bring out the unused ingredients ready to be stored for later use. And wait, there’s more. No more washing up dirty pans and pots. There’s a dish washer incorporated inside the machine as well. Press the button which reads “Clean up” and all the washing will be done.

That’s it. Repeat the cycle for your next tasty dish. No bungle ups and completely mess free.

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