I think I know what you’re thinking


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A mad scientist friend offers you a chip that would allow you to know what the people you’re talking to are thinking. The catch: you can’t turn it off. Do you accept the chip?

I often wonder what the other person really thinks of me. I am very sensitive about this and thrive with other people’s appreciation. On the other hand if I get to know about some negative things that someone is thinking about me I would probably feel bad for days. So I could probably do without this wonder chip that allows me to know what other people are thinking.

I already know the people most important to me well enough and would not need any wonder chips to know what they are thinking. Sometimes I can guess what my husband is going to say before he says it. Of course there are times when I wish he would say more of what he was thinking instead of being silent but sometimes you just need to give people their space.

After all I wouldn’t like others to have this chip and know what I was thinking all the time!


Dreams and Exams

I usually don’t remember my dreams. But whenever I’m worried about something I have the same dream. I dream that I’m in school and I have an exam to do and I haven’t studied for it. I wake up and I’m glad that I don’t have to do exams any more. At least not in the way we had to in school.

In life everything is one big exam and its preparation is not as easy as reading a book or preparing test questions. Sometimes when you least expect it, a big problem stares back at you and you haven’t the foggiest what to do about it.

These days my biggest test is getting my son to school. Every morning I spend at least half an hour convincing him to go to school. I’ve already checked many times with his teacher and principal and they are very happy with his performance at school and have told me that once he gets to school he has no problems whatsoever.

The problem has increased ever since he visited the big school for assessment. Now he thinks his school is for babies. I’ve tried telling him that the big school won’t take him until he finishes his term at his present school but he’s not convinced. The last few times I got him to school when I told him I would race him inside.

As far as dreams are concerned my son has very vivid and imaginative dreams. Sometimes he feels the need to wake me up in the middle of the night and tell me about them. At other times he waits till the morning to tell me in great detail about his dreams. They are more like stories with a beginning, middle and end. Sometimes they also change during the day while he is telling different people about them.

I envy him sometimes. I wish I could dream of dragons and beanstalks and bravery and adventure.

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Weekly Writing Challenge: Object

As I sit in the study next to me is my husband’s computer table with a collection of memorabilia on top. Of these my favorite is a replica of a cable car we got as a souvenir from our travels to San Francisco back in 2004.P1010784

The cable car system in San Francisco is the world’s last manually operated cable car system. We used one of its only remaining three routes, the one to Fisherman’s Wharf. The cable cars are mainly used by tourists now. The cable cars are pulled by a cable running below the street and are operated by something that looks like a clutch. At the end of each line there’s a manual turntable to rotate the car.San Franscisco - Cable Car Turn II (2004.05.21)

What if our life was run like that never straying from the pair of rails provided? We would reach our destination in the shortest time possible. Instead we keep running off in other directions. Some find their way back and others are lost forever.

The turntable represents the end of one journey and passing of knowledge and wisdom to the next traveler who travels much of the same journey but towards a different goal. The rotation at the turntable may be smooth but requires a lot of effort, like our endeavors to teach our children all the necessary knowledge to embark on their journey of life.

Along our journey, as on the cable car, we meet many people, some we embrace and they become an important part of our lives, others we may not care much for. But each person we meet defines us and shapes our character and personality. We may not know it but we carry a part of them with us for all of our lives.

May each of our lives be run with direction and purpose and may our transitions be smooth.

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