Mother tongue

20140210_175600Whenever I fill out any forms for my son, they ask about his mother tongue. I write Urdu in that but what’s funny is that he doesn’t know it at all except to say Yes, No and Goodbye.

When we came to Dubai my son was not even a year old. Everyone told me that he wouldn’t get admission in any school until he could speak English fluently. So I made sure that I spoke to him in English all the time. I thought he would learn his mother tongue Urdu along the way. But that didn’t happen.  Now at 4, he speaks English beyond his years and according to his teacher his vocabulary is outstanding for his age. But if you talk to him in Urdu he’ll just stare blankly at you.

I have realized my mistake and am trying to rectify it. I have a tutor who comes in to teach him the Quran and speaks to him in Urdu. We haven’t made much headway yet but hopefully we’ll get there. He doesn’t like the fact that he has to study just after coming back from school and half way through the lesson he tells his teacher “Khudahafiz” meaning Goodbye!

We are planning to visit our home country in April and I’m worried that he won’t be able to speak to most of the people there who speak only Urdu. Imagine their disappointment when they will be meeting him after more than 3 years and won’t even get to talk to him. And they’ll really be missing out because his stories are wonderful to hear.

P.S. I actually got my son to pose with his tongue sticking out so I could have a photo for my post. He didn’t like being interrupted while he was busy at play. But after a lot of coercing I finally got my photo. He is a good sport!

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In the Future

The language of the future: what will it be like? Write an experimental post using some imagined vocabulary — abbreviations, slang, new terms.

Conversation between husband and wife over lunch at a restaurant. No words are spoken instead both are furiously tapping away on their “communicators”, their faces expressionless.

He: Wake me at 630 tom. Have early meeting.

She: Sorry my alarm rings at 7. DIY (Do it Yourself)

He: Pls its IAH (important as hell)

She: Baby Z keeps waking me up. Need sleep. DIY

He: (Devil emoticon)

She: DC (Don’t care). BTW NTG (need to get) N a communicator

He: (Fed up emoticon) Hes 4 Why does he need it

She: How else should I talk to him. All the other kids have it.

He: (Fed up as hell emoticon)

She: DC. When will food come. Hungry as hell.

He: DC

Just then the food arrives. Now both husband and wife use one hand to eat and the other is still tapping on the communicator.

She: Dishes (Delicious)

He: Mines ordy (ordinary)

There is a lull in the conversation as they both respond to other video messages and mails. They are still not talking, instead the words they are typing are being converted to video.

They finish their meal and go their separate ways.

She: K (That was a nice meal thanks)

He: K (See you later, bye)

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