Dare to Imagine


“I’m not Nadir!” said the distraught little boy, “I’m Jack the Cheetah!”

“Alright, whatever, just finish your food, we’re leaving now.”

As Jack stuffed his mouth with the last bit of chicken  and got up to leave, he passed his hand on his back and smiled. His tail had grown longer.

The photo is of my son Nadir, Jack on the other hand refused to be photographed.

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Of monsters and imaginary things


One of my son’s “monster” drawings

My 4 year old son has a vivid imagination like any little boy his age and sometimes he even manages to scare himself by imaginary creatures. I was trying to convince him that the character he calls “kuku” which scares him sometimes can’t really hurt him, because she’s just in his imagination. I asked him to name five things which are real. He replied:

  • lion
  • rat that lives in the fields
  • mother
  • TV
  • wolf

Then I asked him to name five imaginary things. To which he said:

  • Barney
  • cheetah that wears clothes
  • kuku
  • brown zebra (He said because real zebras have black and white stripes)
  • cow that jumps over the moon

“That’s exactly right! And can these imaginary things eat chicken drumsticks?” “No” he replied with a big smile.

“And can they shake your hand?” “No!”

“Then how can they hurt you?” He pondered at this for a while and replied,

“OK, but can you please make the kuku go away?”

After having Mama banish the kuku, he is now sleeping peacefully. Tomorrow he’ll get up and tell me about his dreams and which one he liked, and which one he didn’t. I love it that he lets me in his imaginary world and I can’t wait to see him soar on his imagination and creativity when he grows older.