10 Signs That Your Son Is Growing Up

Signs that your son is growing up:

  1. He asks to have a disco night instead of sleeping.
  2. He doesn’t want to go to nursery any more because he thinks it’s for babies.
  3. He refuses to watch some TV channels because they’re for babies.
  4. If you put a movie for him he also demands popcorn.
  5. He’s figured out that Barney is not real.
  6. He’s started choosing his own clothes and prefers to wear colors like dark blue, grey and black.
  7. He asks a girl in his class to do “lips to lips”. (????????)
  8. His favorite car is BMW.
  9. He asks to have his picture taken.
  10. He has a smart-ass answer for everything.


On my son’s 4th birthday

Time passes so quickly,

It leaves me a bit giddy,

I just cannot believe it,

My baby’s four already.

I feel a sense of panic,

Should he know more?

Phonics and pencil grip.

My baby’s turned four.

Should he be a bit taller?

And learn how to strive

Before I even know it,

He will soon be five.

What more can I do?

To make sure he knows

Everything he needs.

As he grows and grows.

For soon my little baby

Will be a young man

Taking on the world

With his very own plan.

And then I’ll watch him

Meet success all the way,

But for now I should just

Enjoy his every day.

Is my son already grown up?

The other day my mother tried to distract my son from doing something naughty by telling him “Come and play here, your McQueen is asking, ‘Where is Nadir?’” to which he promptly replied, “McQueen is a toy, he can’t talk!”

Is my not-even-4 yr old already grown up? Should we be talking to him like an adult now?

When he was younger he was not so social and would be too shy to talk to other people. Now he goes up to strangers and asks them their name and how old they are.

This morning he was talking in his sleep. “Will you marry me?” he said. Later when I asked him who he was proposing to he looked decidedly embarrassed and didn’t answer me. But this got me thinking. Isn’t he too young to even have a girlfriend let alone be proposing?? Whatever next?

His demands are getting more and more elaborate. Today he was telling me, “I want a fairy godmother.. and a stepmother!”. It seems that poor old me is not enough for him!

growing up2


The lake by my house

Re-posting this, about the place where I take walks:

The lake by my house, a place of serenity and tranquility, curving walkways and beautiful sunsets;

flaming red trees in spring and thick grey clouds obliterating the heat of the sun in the colder season,


where I started taking my 1 yr old son for walks in his stroller…


How time has gone by…


Now he rides his bike around the lake…


and waits for his girlfriend to come!

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