A Mom’s Favorite Smell

From the yeasty warmth of freshly baked bread to the clean, summery haze of lavender flowers, we all have favorite smells we find particularly comforting. What’s yours?

My favorite smell has got to be the smell of a freshly bathed little 4 year old (I wrote bathed not baked, what did you think??) who is ready for bed in his cuddly night suit and who proudly declares, “Look Mama, I’m clean and fresh!”

After a whole day’s hard work of playing, jumping, running, talking, sweating and a bit of crying, it really is refreshing to take a bath and wind down. It also signals the close of business for Mama who can finally relax undisturbed with her laptop. But before that can happen, the little one has to be put to sleep. Two story books and the third story from my imagination does the trick and the little fellow is soon sleeping peacefully.