A Bright Future

When we talk about the future we like to follow it by saying “Inshallah” meaning “God willing”.

On the 30th of July I like to think that my husband would have settled in his new job (he is on the lookout now) and we would be living together instead of the weekly commute he does now for working in another country. Hopefully we are still living in Dubai but even if it’s another country what counts is that we’re all together. That continuous stress of not knowing where we’ll be and what will happen will be off our shoulders.

If we’ve moved I would be setting up the house which I love doing. Hopefully we would have managed to bring all the nice things we collected in Dubai and we would probably need a few new things. Shopping time!

My son would have finished his second year of school and he would have started to read three letter words and write all the letters. What fun it would be for him to read simple books on his own. He already knows the sounds of the letters but hasn’t yet put them together into words.

It would be my son’s summer holidays and we would probably spend the summer at home (wherever that would be) since I would have made a trip to my homeland in April and with my husband’s new job it would be difficult to get leave so soon. I’m sure we would have plenty to do. In Dubai even though it is boiling hot and outdoor activities are out of the question, there are still so many options for entertaining the little ones. There are summer camps where they have cooking, art and craft, free play and even mini golf. If we are in another country we would spend our time exploring all the places near us as it would all be new for us.

By that time I would have received some offer on the children’s books I wrote and would be working on that. Hopefully I would be making some money too.

Yes the future is very promising for us.



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Fast Forward

Could life be fast forwarded?

Do we really need to see?

What happens in the future?

Is it how we thought it to be?

If I could go to the time

When my son’s turned 18,

Is he tall and handsome?

To be good is he keen?

What subjects does he study?

What hobbies does he pursue?

Does he love to read and write?

Of politics, does he have a clue?

But what is this urgency?

The future will come all the same,

Jumping into the future

We’ll be strangers in our own game.

Let’s live our lives to the fullest,

And savor each and every day.

Make our future the best

For us in every way.

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In the Future

The language of the future: what will it be like? Write an experimental post using some imagined vocabulary — abbreviations, slang, new terms.

Conversation between husband and wife over lunch at a restaurant. No words are spoken instead both are furiously tapping away on their “communicators”, their faces expressionless.

He: Wake me at 630 tom. Have early meeting.

She: Sorry my alarm rings at 7. DIY (Do it Yourself)

He: Pls its IAH (important as hell)

She: Baby Z keeps waking me up. Need sleep. DIY

He: (Devil emoticon)

She: DC (Don’t care). BTW NTG (need to get) N a communicator

He: (Fed up emoticon) Hes 4 Why does he need it

She: How else should I talk to him. All the other kids have it.

He: (Fed up as hell emoticon)

She: DC. When will food come. Hungry as hell.

He: DC

Just then the food arrives. Now both husband and wife use one hand to eat and the other is still tapping on the communicator.

She: Dishes (Delicious)

He: Mines ordy (ordinary)

There is a lull in the conversation as they both respond to other video messages and mails. They are still not talking, instead the words they are typing are being converted to video.

They finish their meal and go their separate ways.

She: K (That was a nice meal thanks)

He: K (See you later, bye)

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