If My Father Met My Husband

My father passed away when I was in my early 20s, a good few years before I got married. He never got to meet his son-in-law.

What if I could have one wish granted and I would wish for them to meet, what would they say to each other? This is how the scene, I imagine, would enact.

We’re all seated on the dining table and my husband is as usual fiddling with his mobile phone. My father in his true military style, tells him off for doing that. Not a great way to start the proceedings but that’s how blunt my father was. He had been through two wars commanding a tank regiment and he was not one to be diplomatic. He also believed that dinner time was a time of bonding for the family and always made sure that his 3 children sat together and shared the proceedings of the day.

While I glare at my husband, he mutters something about always having to be connected and puts his mobile away. My father starts talking about an incident that happened to him on a train in Italy and my husband at once responds with a few of his own travel tales as well. This is something they both like talking about and the ice is broken. My father was an avid traveller and even when he was in the hospital for the last time, he wanted to know about my work trip to France.

The real bonding takes place after the meal when they both go out to smoke. My father was a smoker all his life but in his later years he quit when he found out that his blood pressure was high. But for this meeting he doesn’t mind lighting up. After all his blood pressure isn’t going anywhere.

This is where the conversation becomes intense. They talk about life, married life, raising children, standing up for what’s right and having faith. They come in laughing and joking as I pour out the green tea for them.

Before my father takes his leave I desperately want to know what he thought of his son-in-law and did he approve? It doesn’t matter that we’ve been married for 11 years, I still want to know what he thinks. As if to answer me, he gives me a hug and a kiss and tells me to always be happy. As he goes towards the door, he turns around to take one last look at me.

And then he’s gone.


Family Traditions

When I was growing up we had a tradition that for dinner we would all sit together and discuss what had transpired the whole day. At lunch time this wasn’t possible because everyone had different timings but we made sure we got together at night. Thanks to this I think I am very close to my siblings and we are never out of touch even though we have our own lives now.

On the festival of Eid my mom would prepare a special meal and the whole family got together at our place. This continued even after my sister and I got married and moved into our own homes. We would congregate at my mother’s place just after the Eid prayers. Later when I moved to Dubai I started having this Eid get together at my place since my husband is the oldest of his siblings and its part of tradition that the oldest hosts on this occasion.

My husband and I have made a tradition of having a movie date every weekend. He has been working out of the country during the week and we take pleasure in having a meal followed by a movie during the weekend. This is the time that we have reserved for each other (without the kiddo) every week. Once you have children sometimes you have to make an extra effort to find time for the couple. But I think we both realize how important it is.

With my son we have a routine of driving him to the park every Friday morning (here the weekend is Friday/Saturday). He plays for some time in the playground then we have a picnic with some of the snacks we have brought for him. Then he runs around a little more and then we go home. This is our family time.

I think it’s important to have routines because then you make sure you’re not missing out on anything. It’s good to have some sort of order in your life as it gives you a sense of security and makes sure that the important things get done.

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Only With You

PicsArt_1389468293033Out of the ten years I’ve been married I’ve spent 3 ½ years with my husband commuting on weekends from another city or as in now from another country for work. We decided to have this situation because we didn’t want to sacrifice our lifestyle nor the opportunity that presented itself in my husband’s career.

However there comes a time when enough is enough. I no longer want to be on my own. I need my husband’s company and my son needs his father.

I have given my husband an ultimatum that his next posting which is due soon should be in a reasonable place where we can all live together.

During the week after my son goes to sleep at 8 o’clock I have nobody to talk to and it can get quite lonely. Then I have to handle everything on my own during the week. It’s not difficult physically but it is tough emotionally.

My son has got used to not having his dad around most of the time which is not a good thing. Sometimes it is so tough to deal with him on my own because if he’s not listening to me, his dad is not there either to take the matter in his hands. Most of the time because mothers show so much affection for their child that they are taken for granted and it is the father who does the disciplining. In my case I have to attempt to do both which often doesn’t work. And then of course he’s missing out on the father-son bonding.

I am happy to report that my husband has accepted my ultimatum and is working hard to rectify the situation. Let’s hope we are one normal family soon.

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My Dad, My Hero

When I was growing up my Dad was my hero.

He was so handsome and spoke so well and when he spoke, he charmed everyone and everyone listened. He had a magnetic personality and spoke his mind with conviction and honesty.

My father had a brilliant career in the army. He was in service during two wars. As a Major in one of the wars he was second in command of the regiment that made inroads into enemy territory. In the other he was selected to spearhead the main counter-offensive by Pakistan with a Brigade under command which included tank regiments. I have never known anyone as brave as him.

He had a brilliant mind. He patented a device to be used by the military that earned him a very prestigious military award and a double promotion. Later when he retired he taught Defense and Strategy in a University and was very popular among the students.

My father inspired me to be the best I could be. He always took a keen interest in my studies and was always very proud of all his children and when we did well he would tell every one of our achievements.

I loved working with him in his study. I learnt to type so I could type the two books he had written. I would help him when he would be working with his electronics circuits and I knew where he kept all his stuff. I was always fascinated by his instruments and gadgets.

I think I chose to study Electronics just to please him. I knew he would be very happy. Luckily after I graduated I got a job more of my liking.

When he became ill it was devastating for me. To see such a tough man crippled by cancer hurt us terribly. It has been 13 years since he left us and I miss him terribly. I wrote a few words for him some time back which I’m reposting here:

Did I tell you how much I loved you too?

And how much it hurts when I miss you,

Your kind smile, the twinkle in your eye,

All your efforts to make us touch the sky,

Your warm hugs and your handsome face,

Your good advice we could never replace.

I wonder if you can see us from up there,

Our spouses, kids and how we did fare.

It was too soon for you to have gone away

At eternal peace you are, I hope and pray.

With my father

With my father

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My World

I pushed the wheelchair along as my mother sat enjoying the view of the garden. Every now and then she asked me to stop so I could take a picture of her with the flowers. The bright array of colors made a stark contrast with the dullness of the shawl she wore around her head and shoulders. Her upright stature did not betray her age and she smiled as I clicked the camera. I felt satisfied that this was a good way to spend the morning when my son was at school.

My son was not interested in seeing the garden; his interests were more in tune to the ferry trip we took last week. He sat watching the sights for an hour and that in itself was a great achievement. My camera was constantly clicking sometimes at the majestic buildings and their reflections glimmering in the water and sometimes at my son when he would turn around to smile at me. “Thank you Mama, for bringing me on the boat” he would say to me and each time my heart would melt. It really was worth the trouble bringing him without my husband being there.

My husband returned tonight just in time for dinner and after a week we ate together. He listened to me intently as I recounted the week’s happenings and my plans for the week ahead. He’s been having a tough time at work and the stress shows in the way his shoulders droop. I could tell that he was still thinking about work even when he was back home. He ate fast and with few words. His phone rang and it was from the office. He grimaced and got up to answer the phone leaving his food unfinished and me with my thoughts. “Well at least he’s back” I thought to myself, excited about the week of holidays ahead.

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A Father’s Legacy

“O dweller of the graves, peace be upon you. May Allah forgive us and you. You reached before us and we will follow behind you.”

This is what the young man prayed as he entered the graveyard. He reached the end of the rows of the graves and came to one simply marked with his father’s name and year of birth and death. He remembered that day 5 years ago as if it was yesterday.

He had finished his O’Level exams and felt a sense of relief. He had done quite well he thought. He was sure he would make his father proud. Maybe he would finally convince him to let him join the army. He never understood why being a Colonel in the Armored Corps himself, he was against his son following in his footsteps.

That afternoon instead of his father’s staff car bringing him home, an army jeep came to their house. A senior officer came to talk to his mother who soon broke down when she heard the news.

A suicide bomber on a motorcycle had collided with his father’s car killing both him and his driver on the spot.

It was then that he understood why his father hadn’t wanted him to join the army. He was trying to protect his only son.

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Branches of a tree

My mentor is my older sister. She is a doctor and has seen life and death from up close. I know I can trust her to always give me an honest opinion and good advice.

When I wrote my first (and only) children’s book I first sent it to her to read. I couldn’t send it out for publishing until it had her approval. She thought it was good and really liked the illustrations. It was only after this that I went ahead with the process of publishing. She is a good writer herself and writes from the heart. Most of her writing is motivated by her experiences as a doctor and several of her stories have been published in newspapers.

When I was choosing my subjects for college she advised me not to take Pre-Medical as would have been the temptation considering that both my older siblings were in that field. I think she saw very wisely that I did not have the aptitude for it. And so I took Maths instead and went on to do my Masters in Electronics and work in a telecom multinational for 10 years. I really owe it to my sister for giving me correct advice at the right time.

My sister has two healthy intelligent and thoughtful boys and she is doing a wonderful job at raising them. So it’s no wonder that I often ask her for her opinion when I am facing a problem with my son. I am usually very worried because of him being such a picky eater but my sister keeps telling me not to worry too much as it’s usually just a phase with children.

I’m really blessed that when I moved to Dubai my sister moved here as well with her family. Now we live less than 15 minutes away and I get to talk to her and see her frequently. Life would have been difficult without her.

“Like branches on a tree we grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one. Each of our lives will always be a special part of the other.” (Author Unknown)
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