A Child’s thoughts on Father’s Day

20130221_185244_1Since my husband is in Bahrain this week (our week starts from Sunday) we decided to celebrate Father’s Day on Saturday. I wrote a short poem for my 4 year old son to sing to his Dad for the occasion, but my son had already made his own song which was another version of the “Bumblebee song” he sings in nursery. This is how his song went:

Father’s Day, Father’s Day,

Landing on my street,

Father’s Day, Father’s Day,

Now he’s in Bahrain.

In Saudi, in hotel, in Dubai,

Father’s Day Father’s Day,

He lands and then he goes.

This song is far better than what I wrote and gives some insight into the mind of a child. I knew that the frequent travelling that my husband does and that he has been in Saudi for two years commuting over the weekends to Dubai must be having his toll on our young son but this is the first time he actually expressed it.

Children cannot understand that their fathers are working hard for them, they need their physical presence. They need to engage with them. My son was playing football with his dad on the weekend and he was so happy with the time he got with his dad that he kept telling him in between goals that he loves him.

For my husband it is so hard to be travelling all the time and when he comes home tired, to have to make an effort to engage with his son who has been eagerly waiting for him. More often than not they just end up “wrestling” on the sofa because my husband is mentally too tired to have a conversation with him and physically too tired to run around with him.

We are in transition of moving to Bahrain and now after 2 years of commuting we will be together like a normal family. My son will see his Dad every day and it will be normal for him to have him around. For now, my husband has already joined his new job in Bahrain and we are waiting for visas. Hopefully everything will work out and we will settle down soon. Till then the situation will remain:

He lands and then he goes.

Smoking & the Heart

My grandmother smoked since she was a young girl. She belonged to the time when smoking was thought fashionable and not much was known about its ill effects. She married when she was 16, had 3 children and travelled the world with her husband who was a doctor in the army. I remember they would call each other “Darling” and seldom by their names.

In her old age she developed heart disease. The doctors told her to quit smoking or she would just get worse. Her family pleaded with her to give up the habit. My brother who was studying to be a doctor at the time told her, “Nani, every time you smoke you lose 5 minutes of your life.” She was quick to reply “I would rather have the cigarette.” She suffered from heart attacks which left her weak but she survived.

When my grandfather died she lost her husband of nearly 60 years. She died soon after. I think she died of a broken heart.

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The Strength of Family

I’ve had good friends throughout my life but they’ve come and gone. I’m still in touch with many of my school friends but they’re living their own lives so far away. All this time the person I’ve been closest to is my sister.

By coincidence when I moved to Dubai she had moved here as well just a month earlier. We live only 15 minutes away from each other. Before that we were both living in the same city where we had spent all of our childhood. We’ve been together all of our lives.

I saw my sister who is a doctor look after my father when he was dying of cancer. I learnt from her that no matter how many friends you have it is family you can depend on in times of need. Family is the most important thing you can have.  You don’t choose your family but they are a blessing that God bestows upon you.

In every crisis we have faced I have seen my family come together. After my parents I know I can depend on my siblings if ever I need them. For the same reason I panic at the thought that my son is an only child. Who will he turn to when his parents are no longer around?

Just the other day when I was driving my son to school he said, “Dear God please give Mama a baby”. I was very surprised that he said that but at the same time I repeated in my head “Dear God, please listen to him.” I hope my son gets to experience the joys of having siblings and never has to feel alone in this world.

Me with my brother and sister

Me with my brother and sister

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Falling in Love

(My son at 2 months with his father)PicsArt_1389979133298

A Gift of Love

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What is Happiness?

Happiness is

IMG_0093covering yourself with yummy chocolate cereal,

DSCN4666discovering big bottles in the newly bought groceries and rolling them on the floor,

P1000689splashing in the water in the hot summer sun,

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAjumping on Dad when he’s trying to take a nap,

20130325_172249playing in the rain for the very first time,

IMG-20131122-WA0007blowing out the candles of your birthday cake,

20140101_143922_1and most of all, happiness is just hanging out with Mom and Dad!

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Weekly Writing Challenge: Ghosts of Years Past

Phi Phi Island, Thailand

Phi Phi Island, Thailand

27th Oct 2003: I open the curtains and the stunning view leaves me mesmerized. I stare out at the shimmering blue water against the backdrop of a green mountain. Could such beauty really exist? It’s my first trip to the Far East and I’m with my husband who I married a few days ago. It’s the first time we’re together but it doesn’t feel that way. The hesitation I felt in the beginning seems to have melted away.

Security Council, UN HQ, New York

Security Council, UN HQ, New York

10th May 2004: We are at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. We are standing outside wondering how to get in. My husband sends me forward as he thinks I look less of a Pakistani and therefore less suspicious. I get the details and we enter the building. A few hours and many photos later we stop by a McDonalds for lunch. We are touring the United States and have 3 weeks to see as much as we can. I have discovered that my husband loves seeing new places even though he is not too adventurous.

Langkawai Harbor

Langkawai Harbor

16th Nov 2005: We have rented a car to tour the small island of Langkawi in Malaysia. We have already been in the cable car and now we’ll see the rest of the sights by car. I ask my husband if I can drive the car too but he makes an excuse. I have learnt that he likes to be in charge and I don’t mind. I’ll just relax and enjoy the ride.

Isle de Brehat, Brittany, France

Isle de Brehat, Brittany, France

30th Sept 2006: I’m with my colleagues from Pakistan on training in France. We have a car to ourselves and each weekend we visit a new place. Brittany is incredibly beautiful and peaceful. But every night as I lie down to sleep, my heart aches. 5 weeks away from my husband is the longest separation I have had to bear. So this is what being in love feels like.

View from my hotel room, Cairo, Egypt

View from my hotel room, Cairo, Egypt

6th Nov 2007: I can see the Nile from the terrace of my hotel room. The night view is the most gorgeous I have seen. But my mind is thousands of miles away. I wait for my husband to call me. I want to tell him about the incredible room I’ve got. I know he’ll call exactly when he said he will. I know very well how punctual and organized he is. Having to travel without him is such a headache.

Nathiagali, Pakistan

Nathiagali, Pakistan

8th Mar 2009: We are holidaying in a mountain resort in Nathiagali in Pakistan. We have bought our first home together and cannot afford to make an international trip. It has been the biggest achievement of our lives. People take all their lives to build their own home. Although I also made a major contribution I have to say that my husband is the most hard-working man I have ever met.

Father and son fast asleep

Father and son fast asleep

19th Aug 2012: We are on a plane to Maldives for our first international trip with our son. He is old enough now for us to manage well. I have brought his jigsaw puzzles and his coloring pencils to keep him occupied.  But he soon grows bored and wants to go over to his dad. He snuggles up with him and they both fall asleep. I look at the two men in my life and I feel content.

23rd Dec 2013: There is only a day left for me to do our packing. Since we’re going by car I’m not too worried as there are no weight restrictions. But I should make a list of all of my son’s things as they will be the most in number. Toys, clothes, snacks, I really must make a list. I hope it’s not too cold and we can enjoy the beach. I’m sure we’ll have some good family time together. This time of the year is always exciting for me, the end of the year and the start of a new year. A time of hope, reflection and gratitude. It will be the last vacation of the year but God willing there are many more exciting times to come.

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Who is the person in your life who can do no wrong? Describe this person and tell us why you hold them in such high esteem.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us PRECIOUS.

There are many people in my life that I hold in high esteem, but it’s not because they can do no wrong.

Someone who does no wrong is probably someone who does nothing!

My family and my husband’s family are all precious to me. They have been there for me for every up and down in my life, they have supported me and loved me. Sure they all have their faults, everyone does, but I cannot do without them.

They can be irritating, indifferent and biased at times but they give me security, make me feel wanted and alive.

Their imperfections perfectly fit into my life.

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Reliving the Past

The other day my mother who has been staying with me for the last 4 months told me that she won’t be able to visit again as she has become too old.

On this visit it’s the first time I felt that my mother really has started looking old and it scares me a bit. How many years has she left with us I wonder? Don’t get me wrong, her health is excellent and apart from some pains and aches she doesn’t have any problems. But when one keeps losing relatives of her age or younger, one can’t help but wonder.

My mother had her children after 16 years of marriage. I think we have kept her young. Nobody could tell the age difference of almost a generation gap between us. She used to keep herself busy, cooking and painting and meeting her friends. But after my father died she stopped doing all these things. She even stopped wearing bangles and it looked strange to see her empty wrists.

And somewhere along the way negativity crept into her life. I have noticed that a lot. If I talk to her about some new project of mine, she always points out the negative factors rather than encourage me to go ahead with it.

Will a pep talk help her? I don’t think so. What really does help her is to involve her in everything I do. My writing, my book readings, my art projects. Creativity dampens negativity. I really believe that.

And so I have started a new project with her. I let her talk about old times from her childhood, her marriage, being an army wife and a mother and I write it all down. When we have enough I’ll compile it and it will be something that her grandchildren who never got to meet their grandfather can read. I have noticed that when she talks about those golden days of her life her eyes light up and her voice is full of enthusiasm. I find no negativity there.

This is my pep talk for her. She talks and I write.

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Luxuries, who needs ’em?

The luxuries of life are just illusions we create to fool ourselves into believing that we cannot be happy without them. When in reality we are perfectly capable of finding happiness in what we have.

I have many luxuries in my life which till a few years ago I was without. Sure life has become easier but they are not the key to happiness.

I think the only thing I couldn’t live without was my family. If I was marooned on an island I wouldn’t be missing my cell phone or my internet connection I would be desperately craving human interaction.

Designer clothes, designer shoes,

Luxury yachts and luxury cruise,

Expensive gadgets, pricey cigars,

Big mansions and sports cars

Do we really need any of those?

If we have our family close

Can they really make us happy?

Without the love of our family.

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Daily Prompt: Moved to Tears

Every day, for the last 7 years, she has been bathing her 34 year old daughter and fixing her hair and feeding her through a feeding tube. Her daughter suffered severe brain damage due to complications stemming from a C-section in which she delivered twins. She is bedridden and completely dependent on her mother for care and she has not seen her children for years.

This story moved me to tears as I read about the family in today’s newspaper. The mother is caring for her grown-up daughter as she did when she was a child. She is the only one who has not given up hope even though she has been told by the doctors that her daughter’s condition will never improve. Others have moved on, her daughter’s husband has married again and the twins are cared for by his family, but her mother still clings on to the hope that one day her daughter will recover and be reunited with her children. She sits by her bed and recites the Quran and talks to her every day.

How cruel can fate be for a mother to have to see her daughter this way. Doesn’t she deserve to see her daughter, a qualified doctor live her life to the fullest? Doesn’t she deserve to even get to see her grandchildren? And her daughter who carried her children in her womb for nine months never got to know the joys of motherhood? She lies motionless but when shown pictures of her children, she cries.

I pray that God has mercy on both mother and daughter and eases their pain.