Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

My son was being naughty while playing with his box of sand and construction toys so we told him we would put away his box if he continued. He quietly got a marker and wrote his name down on the box as if to tell us “It’s MY box!” Even though the ‘N’ was upside down this is the first time I saw him write down his name. He also with one stroke of a pen (marker) was able to tell us who’s really the boss around our house!20140104_101719_1
Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters


Dare to Imagine


“I’m not Nadir!” said the distraught little boy, “I’m Jack the Cheetah!”

“Alright, whatever, just finish your food, we’re leaving now.”

As Jack stuffed his mouth with the last bit of chicken  and got up to leave, he passed his hand on his back and smiled. His tail had grown longer.

The photo is of my son Nadir, Jack on the other hand refused to be photographed.

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Weekly Writing Challenge: Threes

I’ll be using the three photos I posted for the Weekly Photo Challenge to write a post about the playground depicted in these photos.

My son goes every day in the afternoon to play in the neighborhood playground. Today when he was playing there and trying to build a volcano out of the sand, there were two girls there who were trying to break it. Now my little one has a short fuse and he started getting angry at them. Along comes the grandmother of the two girls to stop him and she also came under fire. The grandmother immediately turned to my son’s nanny who was with him and started admonishing his parents i.e. us for not teaching their son any manners.

Now I am not trying to defend him or say that he did the right thing but when other parents start being judgmental it really gets to me. The little boy did a wrong thing but does it mean that his parents are not teaching him anything and are completely useless? How can anyone make such sweeping statements when they have never even met the people they are commenting on?

What about us as adults? We make mistakes all the time. Should our ancestors take the blame for each and every mistake that we make?

I have punished my son for being rude to the lady and told him that he cannot go to the park for two days, but it really made me feel sad that people have to jump to conclusions straight away. I try my best to educate my son about what is right and wrong and I realize that he will make mistakes sometimes but that doesn’t make us bad parents. People forget when they themselves were parents and their children did something wrong.

On a brighter note my son’s teacher told me that he stood up in front of the class and told them a story and that he was very coherent and confident. I asked him about it and he told me that it was Jack and the Beanstalk which is his favorite story these days. Well at least I must be doing something right as a parent.

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Weekly Writing Challenge: Object

As I sit in the study next to me is my husband’s computer table with a collection of memorabilia on top. Of these my favorite is a replica of a cable car we got as a souvenir from our travels to San Francisco back in 2004.P1010784

The cable car system in San Francisco is the world’s last manually operated cable car system. We used one of its only remaining three routes, the one to Fisherman’s Wharf. The cable cars are mainly used by tourists now. The cable cars are pulled by a cable running below the street and are operated by something that looks like a clutch. At the end of each line there’s a manual turntable to rotate the car.San Franscisco - Cable Car Turn II (2004.05.21)

What if our life was run like that never straying from the pair of rails provided? We would reach our destination in the shortest time possible. Instead we keep running off in other directions. Some find their way back and others are lost forever.

The turntable represents the end of one journey and passing of knowledge and wisdom to the next traveler who travels much of the same journey but towards a different goal. The rotation at the turntable may be smooth but requires a lot of effort, like our endeavors to teach our children all the necessary knowledge to embark on their journey of life.

Along our journey, as on the cable car, we meet many people, some we embrace and they become an important part of our lives, others we may not care much for. But each person we meet defines us and shapes our character and personality. We may not know it but we carry a part of them with us for all of our lives.

May each of our lives be run with direction and purpose and may our transitions be smooth.

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Weekly Writing Challenge: The Sound of Silence

Saira had twin boys. Well they were not exactly twins but there were just 11months between them and for all practicalities they were like twins. As you can imagine, her house was always filled with excited voices, magnified screams, simultaneous laughter and heartbreaking crying.

One day as Saira went about her household chores leaving the two boys playing in the lounge she heard something unusual.


On further investigation she discovered them in the bathroom with her younger son standing in a bucket of water with his clothes on and her older son pouring water on his head with a mug. Apparently they felt the heat of the summer and decided to have a bath with the younger one going first.

P1010214For a mother, silence sets off alarm bells. If there is silence and my 4 year old is not asleep then he is definitely up to no good. And if when I approach him he tells me that he is not doing anything I can be sure that he has already done it.

My son is extremely talkative and he is talking non-stop until he falls asleep. Literally. He talks while watching TV since there are a lot of questions to be asked, he talks while he’s having a bath and of course his stories are endless while he’s playing.

When I was pregnant with him he heard a lot of silence. I used to go to work where I would sit alone in my own office, come home and read a bit, not watch any TV and fall asleep. My husband was working in another city so there was nobody to talk to either. After all that silence, I think my son is making up for it.

But now I am so used to the house echoing my son’s personality, that when he is not around the silence can be deafening.

Chitter chatter, chatter chatter

Through the whole day,

It’s really so much better,

To hear my son play.

Tick tock, tick tock,

Go the clocks in my home

No sounds of sweet talk

When my son’s out to roam.

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Journey of love

fort-point-archesShe was walking through the arches and in front of her was only darkness. She kept on walking even though she didn’t want to face the unknown. Not on her own at least.

Sarah woke up with a start. Why did she keep having this dream? She was drenched in sweat and her heart was racing. She looked over at her husband. Faisal was fast asleep, snoring lightly. He was not a bad looking man and he especially looked attractive when he smiled. She wished he would smile more often. Sarah lay down again to try to get some more sleep.

The next morning, Faisal got ready for office but instead of going there he stopped at the park around 15 minutes from his house. The park was more or less empty except for a few people on the jogging track. He sat down on a bench and waited. It was not long before he spotted Maria walking towards him. She wore a simple pink shirt with jeans and she looked as beautiful as ever.

Maria sat down next to Faisal without saying a word. After a moment’s silence she said,

“I only agreed to see you because I must tell you something. You’re married now and I’m not the sort of woman who will try to steal another’s happiness. We were not meant to be together otherwise it would have worked out. I want you to forget me and be happy with your wife”.

“But I don’t love her…”

“You will learn to love her as soon as you forget me. Please don’t try to contact me. I need to move on as well.”

“How can I possibly forget you?”

“You have to try. I have to go now. Goodbye.” Maria got up and walked off without looking back.


When Faisal came home, Sarah had cooked dinner for him and was waiting for him.

“How was work?”

“Fine. I’m tired, I’m going to rest” he said without looking at the food lying on the table.

Sarah couldn’t understand why her husband acted so distant. Of course their wedding had been arranged but aren’t couples supposed to make an effort to know each other after they got married? No matter, she thought to herself, I’ll keep trying till I win him over.

A week later Faisal returned from work with a terrible headache and a bad throat. Over the next few days the fever kept him weak and on bed.

Sarah handed him a cup of herbal tea and asked him to sip it while it was hot. Faisal looked at his wife and for the first time noticed how beautiful her eyes were.

“I’ll prepare the water for inhalations. It will soothe your throat” she said to him.

After a few days when Faisal was feeling better he told his wife, “You haven’t been out at all these last few days, I’ll take you somewhere for dinner tonight.”

Over dinner they laughed and joked for the first time they had been together. Faisal noticed that his wife was very witty with a good sense of humor. And when she laughed you felt like laughing with her. Faisal noted in his mind that he should book tickets to Thailand soon. After all they had not even been on their honeymoon.


Sarah was dreaming of the passageway with the arches again. She stood there facing the darkness. But suddenly she felt someone reaching out to her hand. She turned around and it was Faisal smiling at her. Yes, he did look handsome when he smiled. She walked ahead towards the unknown, but this time Sarah was not alone.

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Weekly Writing Challenge: Perspectives

Expanding on a story I wrote for Friday Fictioneers and showing the different perspectives…

Adnan’s mother put the kettle on for tea and looked out of the window. Adnan was sitting in the garden with his new fiancé Meena and talking and laughing. Her son looked happy but she couldn’t come to terms with the sudden surprise he had pulled on her. They had just known each other a few weeks and he had proposed to this mystery girl who had come from nowhere. On top of that he had given her his grandmother’s ring. Of course it was his to give but at least he could have consulted his mother.

Adnan had found the love of his life. Meena was the sweetest, prettiest, most caring girl in the world. He loved the way she hung on every word of his and laughed at his jokes. He hoped he would get that job he had interviewed for so that they could set the date of the wedding soon. He was sure Meena would make a wonderful mother. Adnan turned around. His mother was calling him inside. He knew his mother must have been a bit surprised by the news but he also knew she would love Meena. Who wouldn’t?

Meena was tired. All this laughing and pretending sapped her energy. Adnan was good looking but a bit childish and boring. And that mother of his was watching her the whole time. What did she think, she would make off with her china? She had better be careful of this woman. When Adnan was driving her home Meena let her mind wander. She remembered the day she was supposed to be getting engaged to Raheel and he never showed up. She sat there dressed up as a bride but he didn’t even call. That day she promised herself she would never let anyone break her heart again. She looked at the ring on her hand. She had got what she wanted. It was time to move on.

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