My Playtime

When my son is at school and I have time to myself and when the weather is cooler I cycle around the lake near my house. Feeling the air on my face is revitalizing. Unfortunately I have to put my cycle away when it gets hot (a good 7 months) in Dubai and so I really look forward to the “winter” months here in the desert.

My “playtime” is in the morning when there are not many people out. Most of the children come out to play in the afternoon.

And here I am on my cycle and my cycling path way:

At other times I like to play around with my craft material and make different things. I do this almost on a daily basis. I usually have some project that I am working on. My latest project was converting a piece of cardboard into Jack and Beanstalk  and Red Riding Hood using oil pastels and some felt. This was for my son’s birthday party for the children to pose and take pictures. I am happy to report that the children had a great time with it!

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