Book reading (Part 2)

“I don’t like snakes,” said Zain, the little boy in the red shirt. “Well, let’s see what you think at the end of the story” I replied with a smile.

At the end of the book reading, Zain had changed his mind and was asking to buy the book “Nadir and the snake”.

I had a small group of children aged between 3 and 6 years and I was reading them my books “Nadir and the snake” and “Nadir and Incy Wincy Spider”. The venue was a very nice place here in Dubai for activities like mini-golf, arts and crafts and cooking for children.

The children were so responsive it was amazing. We all had a lot of fun. The most adorable child was little Sienna who wanted to answer all my questions and also add a few bits of information on her own as well. However, the naughtiest boy in the room was Nadir, my son, who was trying to take my props (paper snakes and spiders). I think he still hasn’t figured out why his Mama was reading “his” books to other children!

After the book reading I read out a few of my poems. (At the ZooA Matter of Mater) I then introduced Nadir to the audience who was wearing a rabbit mask like in the book and was still struggling to get my snake (even though he already had a few similar to it of his own).

At the end was the book signing where the children could choose the color of the giveaways (more spiders and snakes) and have their books signed by me, the author.

Overall it went very well and was good practice for a bigger group as I have some book readings next month in Nadir’s school.


Book Reading

My Books

Any tips on a book reading?

I’m having my first book reading at the end of the month. I’ll be reading out the two children’s books I’ve written and animating with finger puppets and props. The location is a nice little place here in Dubai with activities for children.

 I’ve designed the flyer and am in the process of printing it out. I have to do 50 flyers for the lady whose place I’m having the book reading plus more for people I’ll be inviting. I hope my printer doesn’t break down.

It’s good that my son’s nursery has started so I have some time in the mornings. Once I’m ready I’m going to do a dress rehearsal with him and my nephews to see what they think.

 I’m really excited and a bit nervous too. What if nobody turns up, worse what if too many kids turn up and it’s so noisy that no one can hear me. I’ve given my number on my flyer to have people confirm their places. So I hope we will know exactly how many are coming a few days before the event.


So after the book reading there will be a book signing of course provided someone wants to buy my book. That all depends on how the book reading goes. I’ve already practiced signing the book on some of the copies I’ve sold/ given out.

I haven’t mentioned what my books are about. They’re about my son and his adventures. I’ve done the illustrations myself as well. I hope he’ll be proud of his Mama when he’s older and can understand!

Your tips on my upcoming book reading are most welcome. Would love to hear from you!