School assessment

Write a post entirely in the present tense.

We arrive at the school well in time for your assessment. Other children come in one by one with their parents. I check you in at the reception and wait with you in the area that they point us out to.

You are so excited to come to the big school and you want to go inside quickly. I on the other hand am a bit stressed. It feels like I’m in for a job interview.

Soon enough they call all the children to queue up. Parents accompany the children who are a bit nervous to be on their own at least up to the hallway. You on the other hand march off to stand in queue with your hands behind your back like you do in your own school. You don’t even look back at me. I come up to you and whisper in your ear that I’m outside while you do your assessment.

I wait outside with the other parents. I wonder why they take an hour to assess a 4 year old child. The first child comes out crying and the teacher looks for her parents. How disappointing for them.

I wonder what you are doing now. Are you following instructions, answering questions or just having fun? Whatever happens, I am so proud of you. Another child comes out also crying. What are they doing inside to the poor children?

I pass the time by talking to another mother seated next to me. We discuss about how difficult it is nowadays to get kids into good schools.

The hour is almost up and now the children start to come outside. This lot looks happy. I see you coming out too. You run to me and tell me you had fun. That’s a relief!

And now for the next two weeks I await the results.

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