My Hero


Against the Odds

Ten little perfect toes.

In your 40s, the chances of getting pregnant diminish. If you do get pregnant, you are more likely to develop problems like high blood pressure and diabetes. The chances of miscarriage increase. You are also more likely to have a complicated delivery and a preterm birth. The odds of stillbirth go up as well. Your baby is more likely to suffer from genetic disorders.

That’s what they tell you.

Yet, here they are. Ten perfect little toes. Against the odds.


Baby Sensory book

I just finished this sensory book for my 3-month old daughter. Instead of putting random shapes and textures I included symbols for family, nature, travel, sport, music, food and fashion. The pages are of felt with cardboard inside and I’ve used thread embroidery, ribbon embroidery, spangles, foam, beads, pom poms and more to make the pictures. The porthole (symbol for travel) is soft and squishy (I used hair gel) and the African drum (symbol for music) makes a sound when tapped (I hollowed out the cardboard under it).


Little Companion

I have a little companion who goes with me wherever I go. I haven’t met her yet but I can feel her all the time. She is the blessing that I could not have even dared to hope for. She is the glow I carry on my face and the love I already have in my heart. She takes everything from me yet still makes me stronger. She makes me excited about the future and nervous at the same time. She is my little miracle.

Reaching for the stars

I love recycling and I think I’m very creative doing it.

Recently I got some old tennis balls from the academy I play in and made giveaways for a Valentine’s day tournament. I cut off the top of each ball and filled it with toffees and finished off with some hearts printed plastic, ribbon and the logo of the academy. I made a basket out of an old shoebox to carry them in.



So of course I didn’t throw away the tops of the balls I had cut off. I got an old box (from one of my son’s craft projects) and some foam and came up with this:


I call it “Reaching for the stars”.

My son is an alien

This morning I decided to make some applesauce for my 6 year old to have over his pancakes instead of the usual chocolate syrup. I steamed the apples and blended them with a little honey. Then I made star shaped pancakes and poured the applesauce over them.

Nadir took one bite and made the worst face possible. I scolded him for not keeping an open mind and told him to try another bite (after I had tasted it to make sure all was ok). Still the same face. I scolded him a bit more and brought a chocolate croissant for him to eat. He looked at me with a grouchy face and said “Why do you hate me?”

After telling him that i most certainly didnt, I left the room.

5 minutes of sitting by himself I heard him calling me, “Mama I’m sorry for being mean!”

“Ok Nadir, do you want me to come sit with you?”

When I sat with him as he happily ate his croissant, he said “Mama, actually I can’t eat healthy food because I’m from outer space.”

Flowers in the desert


This is the best time of the year for us in Bahrain when it is cool enough to enjoy the sunshine. A few months more and we’ll all be scurrying inside to avoid the scorching heat.
I took this photo yesterday while I was waiting to pick up my friend’s daughter from school. I don’t know the name of the flower but I liked the way the yellow stood our against the dark pink bougainvillea.