Friday Fictioneers: A Stranger’s Kindness


Sarah had done everything right, staying calm while trying to soothe her child who was crying her heart out, but now she felt like she had hit a wall.

She scooped up the struggling child and put her carefully into the shopping cart and proceeded to checkout. She could feel everyone’s eyes on her and her hands shook as she gave out the cash.

As she was attempting to put the wailing child in the car seat, a stranger came up to her and said “Hey Mama, you’re doing an awesome job!”

That warmth was all she needed to get through the day.

Based on a true story.

Word count: 103



As a mom of two children under 10 yrs, I have stopped using the word silent. Telling them to “be silent” is a lost cause and therefore a waste of breath.

My son who is 9 yrs old talks non stop. Most of his sentences end with “funny, isn’t it?” or “weird, isn’t it?” The good thing about this is that you can answer “Yes” and he will be satisfied till his next question. He even talks while playing his video games. It’s like a running commentary of what’s going on. I have yet to fathom why he feels the need to inform the world about the video game he’s playing. His other favourite questions begin with “Did you know” which are also easy to answer as I usually don’t know what he’s talking about.

My 2 yr old daughter is in close competition to my son. Although most of what she says is incomprehensible but still she loves to talk. I was a little worried that she is not talking in real sentences yet but most of my friends have assured me that I should enjoy this stage as much as possible. Once she starts talking properly, the questions will be non stop.

As for me I’m a quiet person. You can probably guess why!

School Days

I’m the youngest of 3 siblings, with a sister and brother, 4 and 5 years older. They both topped their classes in school and when I entered my O’ Levels the same was expected from me. I had the same teachers and some of them insisted on calling me by my sister’s name. My principal even announced in front of the whole school community that she expected me to top also.

I didn’t study half as much as my older siblings and my mother feared I would fail in a few subjects.

So much to the surprise of my mother and to the relief of my principal, I did top my class even though I didn’t get as many “As” as my siblings.

Word count: 120

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While many countries around the world are beginning to enjoy chilly weather, we in Bahrain are still waiting for it to become less hot so we can spend some time outdoors. During the day the temperature is still touching 40s (celsius) and it’s impossible to be outside. In the evening it is not as hot but the humidity is terrible. When I go for my one hour walk I’m completely drenched by the time I come back.

I had planned to have my daughter’s 2nd birthday at home in my garden but it looks like it will still be hot by the end of this month. It has been hotter this year than last year. So now I’m having it in an indoor air conditioned play area.

In my home country, Pakistan, it is already beginning to get chilly. I miss enjoying all four seasons which we had there. At this time the trees are changing color and the leaves are starting to fall. The air feels cool and the fans are on low. There are a few months to enjoy before the bitter cold.

In contrast, here in Bahrain the winter months are the ones to enjoy and it only gets chilly for a few weeks somewhere in January. That’s when the blankets and sweaters come out. The rest of the “winter” is what is spring for others.

I’m really looking forward to the weather changing. The children are quite fed up not being able to go outside that much. I hope it won’t be long.

My daughter’s cheeks are all red as she plays with bubbles in the garden.

Of picky eaters and happy eaters

When my son was a baby his doctor told me to let him taste a variety of flavours so that he would like a variety of food when he grew up. So I used to take all sorts of fruits and veggies, puree them, freeze them in an ice cube tray and put them into packets with labels. (Ok I went a bit overboard but that always happens with the first child.) I had everything from peaches and mangoes to green beans and pumpkin. Everyday I would give him a different flavour of food. BIGGEST WASTE OF TIME.

Now he’s almost 9 and all he eats is burgers, pizzas and nuggets. His school sends notices to all the parents that they should be given healthy snacks. But what’s the point of giving a healthy snack if it’s going to come back uneaten. So I give him crisps and hope nobody will notice. He eats his lunch from the cafeteria and the best day for him is when they serve nuggets and chips.

My daughter who is nearly 2 is a completely different story. She actually likes to eat. She started off with purees I picked up from the market and when she moved on to solids she would just eat whatever was cooked at home. And she still does. When we go out we never have a problem figuring out what she will eat.

Its amazing how different the two are. My theory is that each child is born with a predisposition to food and whatever you do it will not change.

Friday Fictioneers: Toddler Mayhem


Maryam was having a miserable time at Zainab’s house. She had spent all afternoon chasing her toddler and stopping him from breaking something. All around there were crystal, porcelain or glass decorations that Zainab had got from her various travels around the world.

Maryam thought about her own house which was completely devoid of any kind of pretty decorations ever since Issa had started crawling. “Speaking of Issa”, she thought, “where is he?”

It was too late. Issa had found his way to the buffet table. There was a loud crash followed by silence. Everyone turned to look at Maryam.

Word count: 100